Labour MP Mohammad Yasin pledges help to constituents with family stuck in Afghanistan

Mohammad Yasin MP
Mohammad Yasin, MP for Bedford and Kempston Pic credit: Chris McAndrew

Bedford MP Mohammad Yasin (Labour) has pledged to help constituents with families stuck in Afghanistan.

He urged people in Bedford and Kempson who may be stuck, or have family stuck in the region, to email his office.

Mr Yasin said: “Whilst I am afraid that individual MPs do not decide who the UK government can or cannot help, I can ensure that you or your family member’s case details are escalated with the Foreign Office or Home Office (depending on nationality), which I hope will lead to some individuals receiving much needed help sooner.”

Commenting on the situation in Afghanistan, he said it was “shocking and worsening by the hour.

“There was a catastrophic miscalculation of the capacity and legitimacy of the Afghan government and the resilience of Afghan forces which has led to this disaster.

“The priority now must be for the government to accelerate efforts to get UK nationals, support staff and Afghans who have served and worked alongside us out of the country.”

He said: “So many people are in desperate need of help due to this Government’s failure in Afghanistan and I will do all I can to help as many people as I can within my limits as MP for Bedford and Kempston.”

Mr Yasin urged British nationals stuck in the region to contact UK Consular Services on +44 (0)1908 516666 and select the option “Consular services for British nationals” for assistance.

Those emailing his office for assistance must be constituents and should provide the following information:

  • Full name
  • Date of Birth
  • Nationality
  • Relationship to you (mother, father etc)
  • Home Office reference number
  • Passport / travel document number
  • Have they already obtained a visa
  • Do they have a visa application pending (if so, please provide the reference)
  • Individual’s contact details

Earlier today on his Facebook page, he shared a copy of a letter he has signed, calling for adequate protection to be put in place for Afghan Nationals.

This followed a post on 16 August where he described the “deteriorating situation in Afghanistan and the advance of the Taliban.”

He said the Taliban’s “track record against innocent civilians and rolling back the rights of the local population, particularly women’s rights,” was of immense concern to him and the local population with family in the region.”

Commenting on the government’s handling of the situation, he said: “This delay is a symptom of the same disastrous approach this Government has taken since withdrawing troops from the region.

“It is clear that there was no exit plan in place to ensure peace and stability in the region. Any military or civil objectives or successes have been undone almost overnight.”

“Whatever system is put in place we must ensure that help arrives as soon as possible for those that need rescuing”.

Finally, he called for lessons to be learned and said the government “must act so that it is not known as the Government that refused to help those failed by its own actions.”

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