Labour announce their candidate for Bedfordshire Police and Crime Commissioner elections

David Michael MBE
David Michael MBE has been announced as the Labour candidate for the Bedfordshire PCC elections.

David Michael MBE has been announced as the Labour candidate for the Bedfordshire Police and Crime Commissioner elections in May.

David has a long association with policing, have served for 30 years in the Metropolitan Police Service, reaching the rank of Detective Chief Inspector.

He was also a Team Leader in the Serious Crime Directorate at Scotland Yard.

He has also been a Labour Councillor in Lewisham and was Chair of the Safer Stronger Communities Select Committee and Vice Chair of the Licensing Committee.

“I’m delighted to be Labour’s candidate to be the next Police and Crime Commissioner for Bedfordshire, the County I grew up in,” said David.

“As a Police Officer for 30 years and former Detective Chief Inspector, I know what it takes to keep our communities safe.

“For too long, both our Police Officers and members of the public have been let down. If I’m elected, I will work tirelessly to ensure Bedfordshire gets the frontline resources we need to keep our streets and communities safe.

David says his top priorities will be tackling violent crime and county lines, making sure there are greater levels of support for the victims of crime, and also making sure Police Officers have the effective support and resources they need.

In making the announcement Labour also highlighted David’s community, voluntary and charitable activities, which include working with cancer awareness organisations and organisations involved in honouring Police Officers killed in the line of duty.

He was also Chair of a Community Police Engagement Group for several years and was awarded an MBE in 2020 for services to the community.

Keir Starmer, Leader of the Labour Party said: “David has over 30 years’ experience protecting the public and keeping our streets safe.

“After such a distinguished career in frontline policing, I know that David has the experience and insight needed to take on the role of Police and Crime Commissioner in Bedfordshire.”

David Michael MBE has two grown-up daughters and is from Luton.

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