Kempston Rovers wilt in the sun at home to St. Neots

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St. Neots arrived at Hillgrounds on Monday (26 Aug) to face a Rovers side, unchanged from two days previously in the FA Cup at Gorleston.

The Saints ultimately capitalised on two mistakes to score two very well taken goals and leave Kempston feeling very frustrated at the end of the game.

After the two sides had traded half chances, on the quarter hour a Gareth Hunt corner was met by Jake Newman and required clearing off the line by a Saints defender.

Shortly afterwards, the Saints wasted a guilt edged chance as Bennett found himself unmarked ten yards out by managed to head over.

Midway through the half, Lewis Jones clumsily tumbled over with a Saints attacker as they entered the box, leaving the referee with no option but to point to the spot.

Connor dispatched the kick low to the keeper’s left, sending Knox the wrong way to open the scores.

As the half drew to a close, Gareth Hunt saw two free kicks well saved, sandwiched in between these chances, another goal line clearance by the Saints as both Robbie Goodman and Izale McLeod were denied at point blank range following a corner.

Kempston made a double change at the break, but six minutes into the second half they were undone again.

A simple corner was taken quickly to Kerins on the edge of the box, with no one closing him down, he was able to lash the ball beyond the apoplectic Knox in the Rovers goal.

Midway through the half saw another corner cause chaos in the Saints area with Robbie Goodman’s header being cleared off the line.

As the game entered the final ten minutes, Izale McLeod was dragged to the floor as he tried to break clear of his man.

The referee awarded the foul the other way, McLeod then became involved with Sutton, who exaggerated minimal contact to crash to the floor.

McLeod was cautioned and Rovers left infuriated that the initial foul had been given to St. Neots.

Neither side really created any clear chances and the game petered out in the blazing sun.

Rovers’ next action is next weekend as they host Wantage Town in the league.


  1. Knox
  2. Goodman
  3. Hyde
  4. Wright C
  5. Powell
  6. Jones
  7. Boland
  8. Shepherd
  9. Newman
  10. McLeod
  11. Hunt

Subs: Stratton, Beldon, Dahie (unused McGrath, Shortt)

St Neots

  • Philp
  • Kerins C
  • Smith
  • Connor
  • Goode
  • Shaw
  • Sutton
  • Wilson-Rhiney
  • Nkala
  • Bennett
  • Joseph

Subs: Logan, Walker, Noble (unused Abbott)

Att – 143

Rovers MOM – Gareth Hunt

Words: Matthew Wilmot

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