Kempston fire cadets recognised at pass out parade

Kempston Fire Cadets
group photograph of cadets with certificates

Kempston fire cadets showed off their skills to family and friends at a demonstration and pass out parade on Monday 22 July.

The evening event was held at Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service’s Kempston Fire Station, and saw cadets recognised for their years of service and various awards handed out including cadet of the year awarded to Louisa Woolerson.

As part of the demonstration, cadets tackled a building fire scenario wearing breathing apparatus, used ladders and jets and rescued a casualty.

This is the fourth year the fire cadet programme has run at Kempston for young people aged between 13 and 18.

The young people attend weekly training sessions to learn the values, behaviours and skills of operational firefighters.

Crew Commander Martin Chalkley, Kempston Fire Cadet Lead Instructor, said: “The dedication, enthusiasm and passion shown by these young people continues to blow me away, as does the way they grow and evolve as people during their time with cadets.

“Being a fire cadet is more than just turning up for two hours every week and it’s about more than firefighting.

“The young people learn life skills; learn how to work in a team, solve problems and understand about responsibility and risk.

“They take these skills back into the community and really contribute. We’re very proud of all they’ve achieved.”

Fire cadets are treated like firefighters with their own uniform and are expected to show discipline and commitment.

They have the opportunity to train with operational firefighters, providing an exciting and unique insight into what modern firefighting is all about and the opportunity to develop both personal and social skills by promoting self-discipline, team work and citizenship.

Like firefighters, fire cadets also play an important role in their community by delivering advice on home fire safety, water safety, road safety and arson prevention as well as supporting local initiatives and charities.

Kayleigh Jean, the Service’s Youth Development Officer, added: “We run this successful programme at four fire stations in Bedfordshire and are proud of the positive impact it has on not just the young people, but on their families and communities.

“The pass out parade at Kempston was a great evening and all those involved should be very proud of their achievements.”

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