Judge sums up Przemyslaw Golimowski murder trial as jurors prepare to consider verdicts

Przemyslaw Golimowski bedford

The judge overseeing the trial of five men, accused of murdering Bedford man Przemyslaw Golimowski, has today summed up the case ready for jurors to begin considering their verdict.

Drug dealer, Mr Golimowski, was stabbed to death in the early hours of 28 September.

A group of men burst into his bedroom, in his St Mary’s Street flat, where he had been asleep with his girlfriend, on a “mission of revenge”.

During the trial, the jury has heard dramatic evidence from the girlfriend of Mr Golimowski, who are both orginally from Poland.

Anna Swierczynska said at one point she grabbed a bayonet in fear during the attack, but one of the three men then warned her: “Are you sure you want to do this?”

The five defendants, Jamil Jeng, 21, of The Close, Clapham; Damien Rooney, 25, of Magpie Gardens, Wixams; Delpierro Mothersill, 20, from Salcombe Close, Bedford; Philip Mendy, 23, of Russet Close, Bedford; and Taleb Hussain, 31, Park Road, Sparkhill Birmingham all deny murder.

Prosecutor William Harbage QC said that one of the five men on trial, Delpierro Mothersill, had been attacked by Mr Golimowski at an address in Salisbury Street, Bedford.

“He was beaten up, struck repeatedly with a pool cue and suffered cuts, bruises and a black right eye. He was robbed of money and drugs – heroin and crack cocaine,” said Mr Harbage.

As a result, Mr Harbage said Mothersill was furious and was heard to swear revenge.

Przemyslaw Golimowski St Mary's Street
St. Mary’s Street and the surrounding area was cordoned off as police searched for evidence.

The prosecution claim that he then “contacted his mates”, as part of a plan to exact revenge on Mr Golimowski, who was himself a drug dealer and known by the nickname of ‘Shevai’.

Although three men are said to have forced their way into Mr Golimowski’s bedroom to carry out the attack, all five are charged with the murder.

Giving her evidence with the aid of an interpreter, Polish born Miss Swierczynska told the court that she and her boyfriend had gone to bed at around 10pm on that night.

She said she had woken at around 2am by the sound of “voices” in the kitchen of the flat and so she woke her boyfriend who was sleeping beside her.

She said it was as he was getting out of their bed that the three men came into the room.

The court heard it was dark in the flat, but she noticed the “black skin” of the men who had come in.

Miss Swierczynska said: “He got up to see what was going on and then they attacked him.”

The jury have been told that in the attack the victim was stabbed and also beaten with a golf club.

Jurors heard how one stab wound had gone through the victim’s ribs and into his heart, another into his liver and a third and fourth into his stomach.

As well as cuts and bruises, he had line marks on his back consistent with being struck by the golf club.

Miss Swierczynska told the jury that when she saw her boyfriend being attacked she jumped out of bed to get a bayonet in its sheath that was on a wall and which belonged to Mr Golimowski.

At the time, she said her boyfriend was under attack by the three, telling the court: “They just attacked him with knives. I saw blood dripping off him.

Mr Harbage asked her: “Why did you grab the knife from the wall?”

She replied: “Because I was scared.”

Miss Swierczynska told the court she took the pre-war bayonet from its sheath, but one of the three attackers warned her: “Are you sure you want to do this?”

She said it left her “terrified” and she dropped the knife to the floor.

One of the attackers then armed himself with a golf club that was already in the flat.

She said she was somehow between her boyfriend and his attackers, but they got round her and reached past to attack him.

“They were beating him up and he was bleeding. All of them were having a go at him,” she told the court.

Miss Swierczynska said her boyfriend was trying to fight back using just his hands, but she said “They kept attacking him, they wouldn’t give up.”

An ambulance crew arrived at the flats that morning, but Mr Golimowski was pronounced dead at the scene.

Bedford Town Bridge and Cauldwell Street were also closed during the search for evidence forcing Bedford College and Bedford Free School to close.

The prosecutor said the attack lasted for five minutes and no murder weapon has been recovered.

He said that one of the attackers, Jamil Jeng, suffered a nasty wound to his thigh and was bleeding profusely.

While the other four left through the back of the building, the way they had entered, Jeng went through the front and was heading towards the hospital.

On the way, he flagged down a passing ambulance and was treated at the side of the road before being taken to hospital.

He said he had been involved in a fight in Bedford town centre, but it’s alleged that a trail of blood from St Mary’s street connected him to the murder.

When questioned, all five denied being responsible for stabbing or killing anyone.

The case continues.

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