Jail for woman who looked after sawn-off shotgun that was taken into Kempston school

Kempston Challenger Academy
Kempston Challenger Academy. Image: Google Streetview 2013

A woman who looked after a sawn-off shotgun that a 15-year-old boy took into a Bedfordshire school was jailed on Wednesday (20 April) for three years.

Keesha Kalyan,Ke now 21, had texted the boy saying: “I am grabbing a Dottie ffs don’t tell anyone.”

He caused a major alert when word went around Kempston Challenger Academy that he had a gun with him.

The boy was taken to Head Teacher Ian Evason’s office at 9.15 in the morning of Friday 19 October 2018.

The black rucksack he was carrying was searched and a gun was found wrapped in a t-shirt and tracksuit bottoms inside a sports shop bag. There were also six live 12-bore cartridges.

As the police took him away Kalyan, who was at the school at the time, circulated an image that read: “Free my yung G… got bag with the Dotti.” Her fingerprint was found on the drawstring of the sports shop bag inside the rucksack.

At Kaylan’s trial in November last year prosecutor George Heimler said that Dotti was urban slang for a shotgun and G stood for a gang member.

The jury was told that the boy had pleaded guilty to possessing a prohibited weapon at another court hearing.

Keesha Kalyan, previously of Bedford, but now living in Church Road, Cowley, Uxbridge, denied being in charge of a prohibited weapon in October 2018, but was convicted by a jury in November.

She was due to be sentenced at Luton crown court last month but the hearing was delayed because she was giving birth to her second child by C-section.

Defending,  Ahmed Muen said Kalyan was 17 at the time of the offence. He said: “She has never been in trouble before. It is her fault the weapon ended up at the school.

“She was the custodian and was being groomed by a person she was besotted by.”

Mr Muen said her two children were in the care of social services, but she saw them every day and was intent on bettering herself.

“She keeps different company now and asks for a chance. She has not been in trouble since and is throwing herself on the mercy of the court.”

Jailing Kalyan, who cried in the dock, Judge Gary Lucie said: “The gun was not capable of being fired but that was more by luck than design. It does not mean it can’t be used to cause alarm and distress and it was taken into a school.

“The defence say you have turned a corner, but unfortunately you chose not to be straightforward and honest. You lied to the police, you lied to the jury, and lied to probation and social service.

“This was a serious offence and one that could have had fatal consequences. Guns are a blight on our society.”