Jail for Bedford man who ‘plagued’ ex with messages, emails and visits despite court order

Luton Crown Court. Image: Thomas Nugent/Geograph

Bedford man Lucas Miszal struggled to accept his relationship with a woman had ended and over a period of months breached a court order not to contact her.

It culminated with him slipping into her home unnoticed in May of this year and then terrifying her as he angrily confronted her.

Today (Wednesday) Miszal, 33, of Moor Lane, Bedford appeared in custody at Luton crown court via a video link from the jail where he has been held on remand for the last three months.

He pleaded guilty to breaching a non-molestation order not to contact or visit his ex in any way, harassment, common assault and failing to surrender.

In court today, Recorder Debra Powell QC hearing the case was told that on five separate occasions Miszal had breached the court order not to contact the woman. In addition, he had plagued her with emails and voice messages.

Prosecutor Douglas Page said the defendant and the woman had split up towards the end of 2020 with the result that he was left unhappy.

It resulted, he said, in the woman obtaining a non-molestation court order which prevented Miszal from contacting or visiting her.

The court heard that in February of this year he had gone to her home late at night and shouted through the letterbox before going round to the rear of the property.

Police were called and he was arrested.

In mid-February over a 24 hour period, he bombarded her with 31 voice mails. In some, he threatened to damage the woman’s car or visit the home of her mother.

In March he had visited her home once again and was arrested.

Mr Page said on May 14 this year the defendant had managed to slip unnoticed into the woman’s home while she was on the phone to police talking about emails he had sent her.

After ending the call she was terrified when he suddenly appeared in the house and forcefully grabbed her mobile phone from out of her hand and told her to “Shut up.”

Mr Page said the woman was unable to leave the house for the next hour-and-a-half when Miszal finally went.

During that time he had been angry and “verbally aggressive” before becoming tearful.

Dozens of email were then sent to the woman by him over the next few days.

The court was told that as a result of his behaviour and his arrests, Miszal faced a court hearing on June 8 this year.

However, on that day he failed to appear and was subsequently arrested and remanded into custody.

John Lamb defending said: “He was clearly struggling to come to terms with the end of a relationship. He has learnt his lesson and is remorseful. He understands the relationship is over now.”

Passing sentence, Recorder Powell said the woman had been terrified when the defendant had slipped into her home where he hid before suddenly confronting her.

She sentenced Miszal to 16 months imprisonment which was suspended for 18 months and ordered he carry out 120 hours of unpaid work.

He was told he must also attend 20 Rehabilitation Activity Requirement days and go on a “Building Better Relationships” programme.

The judge also said he would be subject to a restraining order not to contact his ex or go to within 100 metres of her property.

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