Irish TV star fronts Bedford Blues documentary on the spirit of rugby


With the world of sport on hold at the moment due to the coronavirus pandemic, fans of Bedford Blues have been left with little to cheer about.

However, a duo of young content creators have brought a bit of light to the rugby world with a documentary on the Goldington Road club.

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Sean Treacy, a 15-year old filmmaker who resides just outside Dublin has teamed up with Bedfordian entrepreneur and producer, Harry Beard to create ‘More Than Just a Game’, with Sean successfully setting out to show that clubs such as the Blues continue to put the community at the heart of all it does.

Sean is quickly becoming a household name in his home country of Ireland, hosting his own TV show on RTE, one of the biggest channels in Ireland, as well as winning multiple awards Europe wide for his short films.

This time, he has teamed up with Bedford’s own Harry Beard, with the help of Bedford Blues chairman Geoff Irvine as well as full-back Rich Lane, among others, to help prove that clubs do still care about their fans more than the money.

Filmed largely before the lockdown forced the stoppage of the regular season, Treacy’s documentary centres largely around “fun and friendship”, something he argues makes rugby unique when it comes to sport.

“Being a rugby fan, I had never seen rugby treated that way”, the Irishman exclaimed.

“There’s a lack of connection in other sports that somehow exists in rugby. You can’t help but feel like something amazing has happened, and you are able to freely move around the ground and socialise and there are few other grounds that enable you to do that.”

With the rugby world being dragged slowly but surely towards the money, Treacy pinpoints the Bedford Blues as the club providing a stellar example of how a community-focused professional club can prove fruitful, with thousands attending every home game at Goldington Road.

The addition of pre and post-match entertainment also adds a unique selling point to what Sean describes as “one of the ultimate local days out”, as the documentary highlights not just the entertaining style of play but the equally as important marquee full of other wonders.

“There’s a big difference between stadiums and grounds”, says producer Harry.

“In stadiums, you get given a ticket with a row and a seat number and while the action might be good, you can’t walk around and socialise. Goldington Road is the best of both worlds where the action on the pitch is entertaining but you can also walk around and soak up the atmosphere.”

Most would agree that Goldington Road is the centre of a flourishing sporting town in Bedford, where the maximum capacity of 5,000 has been reached on multiple occasions with the club hosting Ladies Day and Armed Forces Day throughout each season.

The documentary, released yesterday on YouTube, has already received positive feedback, proving there are still clubs in professional rugby who put the fans first.

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