Interview: The Noise Next Door return to Bedford with two new improv shows


Having sold out the Edinburgh Fringe a whopping 13 times, The Noise Next Door (TNND) return to Bedford on Saturday (17 September) with two brand new and hilarious improv shows for all ages.

The comedy quartet’s Hometown Heroes show (for over 15s) will see TNND taking audience suggestions based on their hometown, while their matinee – Mysterious Mansion of Mystery – is described as “a show for adults that kids can come along to too.”

For those unfamiliar with TNND, they bring a whirlwind show of incredible improv, slightly dubious regional accents and physical comedy.

Established 15 years ago, TNND’s first three gigs were at an old people’s home, a children’s party and late night comedy venue. They went down a storm at all three, so realised their show could be adapted for all ages.

Taking inspiration from their audience, the group weave uniquely hilarious vignettes together and no two nights are the same.

“Audiences around the country do tend to shout out some of the same words,” says TNND founder-member, Sam Pacelli.

“Toilet is very common with children and we still get Donald Trump suggested a lot. It’s our job to keep things fresh, not only for ourselves but also as performers.

“The more specific we are with our requirements, the better the responses are. Kids are much more imaginative with their suggestions. If we ask adults to come up with a location, they’ll say something geographical, whereas a kid would say ‘on top of a baked bean’ and we love the challenge.”

Bizarrely, ‘penguin’ and ‘spatula’ are the two most regularly shouted out suggestions.

Asked if there are some locations that are more challenging than others, accent-wise, Sam said: “Certain individuals definitely struggle with different accents. One of us can do a great Geordie accent, but only for about 25 seconds.”

As you’d expect from the title, the Hometown Heroes show puts our hometown in the spotlight.

“Throughout the show we’ll be crowing a new mayor, bringing interludes from different parts of the town and creating an advert for a legitimate Bedford business,” said Sam.

“People like what they know and there are lots of ‘in jokes’ that only people who live here will understand.

“We’re looking forward to what our Bedford audience comes up with.”

You can catch one, or both, of the Noise Next Door’s shows at the Quarry Theatre this Saturday 17 September.

Tickets are available from the Quarry Theatre website and we cannot wait to hear TNND tackle the unique Bedford-Italian lilt…

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