Interview: Mr C chats music, food and The End

The Shamen's Mr C DJing
Mr C. Image: Facebook

Mr C aka Richard West is probably best known for MCing with The Shamen on their singles Move Any Mountain, Phorever People and the verrry naughty no.1 single Ebeneezer Goode where Mr C channelled a Victorian Cockney raver (who hasn’t? – Ed).

But he’s also run very successful clubs in London as well as running various labels including Superfreq, recording, mixing and performing live. After relocating to Los Angeles he has recently moved back to London.

Bedford’s own Herd has the pleasure of hosting Mr C on Saturday, 17 June. Expect House, Acid and Techno with a twist. Tickets are £10 from

We got to chat with Richard prior to the event…

Bedford Clanger: Been to Bedford before?
Mr C: Yes! Many years ago, late 80s or early 90s with Eddie Richards…

BC: Favourite place you’ve DJd?
Mr C: That’s a difficult question, every country and venues within those countries their own unique flavour – but I would say the End (Mr Cs own club) in London…there are great clubs in Tokyo, Ibiza, Manchester…The layout of the club dictates the journey of the music…

BC: What do you like doing when you’re not doing music?
Mr C: Food – I like prepping, cooking and eating it, I’m a big foodie, there are so much great cultural cuisines. Plus watching TV. I recently caught up with Last Man On Earth – the main character is an a-hole, a raging idiot!

BC: How did you come about joining The Shamen?
Mr C: It was in ’89 when acid house was taking off, I knew their manager Charles. Colin and Will contacted me to MC on Move Any Mountain – we first met on the dance floor.

BC: What was doing Top of the Pops like?
Mr C: Hilarious! We liked yanking chains with the press and the TV companies, we were a bit mischievous. I was 19 when we did Move Any Mountain. The cameras were whizzing around and the crowd were confused, shuffling around.

BC: Rappers/MCs that influenced you?
Mr C: None really, I followed my own path. I was 17 when I first started.

BC: Recommend any tunes at the moment?
Mr C: On the Superfreq label [Mr C’s label] there’s some new tracks with underground house vibes, twisted and naughty. Check Miss C and 3 Minds…

You can book tickets to see Mr C at Herd on St Cuthbert’s Street on Saturday 17 June here.

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