Interview: House of All (ex-The Fall supergroup)

House of All. Image: Bedford Esquires
House of All. Image: Bedford Esquires

House of All are a collective of original members of seminal post-punk band The Fall including Martin Bramah, Peter Greenway, Si Wolstencroft, Paul Hanley and Steve Hanley.

They continue working in the spirit of The Fall, operating within tight parameters and will release their new album in early April.

Bedford now has the chance to catch some Mancunian legends on your doorstep and we got to chat to guitarist Martin about the Copacabana and two drummer action…

Bedford Clanger: Have you been to Bedford before?

Martin Bramah: No, it’ll be our first time here.

BC: What material can Bedford expect live?

MB: Our new album is out on 2 April, so material from that plus stuff from our first album…and maybe a surprise…

BC: What were the inspirations for the new album?

MB: We work on continuity, with purpose and style.

BC: Love the two-drum action, was that for diplomacy or for sonic reasons?

MB: Two drums have such energy – it was a light bulb moment, I bumped into Si the drummer in a bar and Paul was already drumming with HOA, so we’ve got two, it’s great live.

BC: Is this the core line up or will there be a more fluid ‘revolving door’ policy?

MB: We got together for the first album and tour with the five of us and stuck with that but we’re planning a third album so who knows where it might go?

BC: Best Fall gig?

MB: In Brazil at the Tucana Festival at the Copacabana – very exotic! 

BC: And the worst Fall gig?

MB: Ha! So many…I got fired in Sydney in 1990.

BC: What’s on your rider?

MB: Just sorting it out now, boring really, booze to keep us lubricated…and the obligatory spring water

House of All play Bedford Esquires on Friday 26 April with support from Dog Race (who were given a shout-out on BBC 6Music), tickets are £18 from Slide Record shop and Esquires