Independent hospital campaigner Barry Monk backs LibDem’s Henry Vann

Dr Barry Monk
Dr Barry Monk

The founder of the Save Bedford Hospital Party, Dr Barry Monk, has backed the Liberal Democrat candidate, Henry Vann to be the next MP for Bedford and Kempston.

The independent hospital campaigner has urged people in Bedford and Kempston to vote for Henry Vann in the upcoming local election, saying, “Henry is a dedicated, hard-working campaigner.

“You can’t trust Boris on the NHS and you certainly can’t trust a Labour Party whose sums don’t add up. At this election I will be backing Henry Vann to be the next MP for Bedford and Kempston and urge others to do the same.”

“Dr Barry Monk is a tireless and dedicated campaigner for our health service locally and I would like to thank him not only for his many years of campaigning for Bedford Hospital but also for his support,” said Henry.

“The Liberal Democrats are attracting support from across the political spectrum as we campaign for a brighter future for all.”

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