Howlies win award for best doggy day care


Bedfords’ dogs are getting a first-class day out thanks to award-winning Howlies Doggy Day Care.

Howlies, in Tithe Road Bedford, won best dog day care in London and the South-East, in the Prestige awards.

Owner, Andy Paterson, said the award meant “everything”.

He said: “As a team, we work tirelessly and very closely to ensure that every dog enjoys the best day, staff go above and beyond to make sure this happens, and we have built amazing relationships with our customers over the last three years.”

Andy, a former primary school teacher, swapped children for dogs in 2018. His old dogs went to day care in Luton and he’d always fancied setting one up himself. Plus, the lure of being his own boss and working outdoors was calling.

So, what exactly is ‘doggy day care’? And no, it’s not an action movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger…

Andy explained: “It’s an alternative to the traditional dog walking. Dogs are taken to a secure location where they can play and interact for longer periods off lead. There are indoor and outdoor areas along with places to sleep and have lunch, all whilst under supervision.

“It lets the owners know that their dogs won’t be up to any mischief at home whilst they are working.”

Staff are constantly on ball throwing duty and will “throw as many balls as is required.” (Sounds like a challenge…)

Andy said:” It’s great to see the bonds the dogs make with the staff and each other.  It’s like a home from home for them.”

Owners say Howlies is “a god send”. They love the efficiency of the pick-up and drop-off and say they can tell how much their pets enjoy the experience.

This isn’t surprising given there’s a ‘groom shack’ to hang out in, for those in need of a trim.

Daily photos and live videos help you keep an eye on what your pet’s been up to. Which could be quite entertaining given some of the tales Andy told us.

He said: “There’s the ones that eat poo if you aren’t quick enough to pick it up, the ones that love a good howl like an out of tune choir, the ones that regularly send staff flying by not looking where they are running. And then my own dog who just goes there for a sleep.”

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