How to make the most of Bedford Fiver Fest 2019

Fiver Fest 2019

On Saturday morning, Fiver Fest launches, heralding a week of incredible £5 offers from over 60 of Bedford’s brilliant independent businesses.

Organised by the Town Centre Champions’ volunteers, Fiver Fest is a nationwide celebration of indie businesses, created by Totally Locally.

“Although it’s Fiver Fest, with so many food and drink places taking part, we could rename it Fiver Feast,” joked organiser, Helen Patterson.

“From cocktails to coffee, curry to cake, we’ve got it covered.”

As Helen points out, the most generous offer is from Peter Budek at the Eagle Bookshop, who is offering £10 worth of books for £5, plus a £5 voucher to be spent in their new, soon-to-be-announced, town centre shop.

Many businesses have created more than one offer, including GCH Fishmongers and Beerfly, while Fay’s at Riverside and the Star Rowing Club have different timed offers throughout the day.

It’s not just products on offer. At ArloArts in the Old Arcade, you can learn origami for your fiver, or try yoga or PT at LLPT Fitness Collective (not a bad idea after the curry, cake, coffee and cocktails…).

So, what’s the best way to make the most of Fiver Fest in Bedford?

Here are our top tips:
  • Pick up a map in any of the participating town centre shops, cafes, restaurants or businesses, or you can download the most-up-to-date version from the website
  • Join the Fiver Fest event page on Facebook, as the most up-to-date offers will be shared there first.
  • If you’ve just got a fiver to spare, check out all the offers at the Town Centre Champions website and pick your favourite
  • If you’re feeling flush, spread the love
  • Why not take the opportunity to visit a shop or business that you’ve never tried before? Or one that you haven’t visited for ages

Tell your friends! Fiver Fest lasts for a whole week, so there’s plenty of time for everyone to get involved.

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