HMP Bedford inmate caught ‘red-handed’ using mobile phone in his cell

Bedford prison

Mathew Hessing was caught red-handed when prison officers went to his cell at Bedford Prison, suspecting he might have a mobile phone.

When they entered his cell, the brazen inmate was on the phone with a charger lead hanging from it.

And after snatching it from him, Hessing even had the cheek to ask the officers if he could have it back so that he could finish the call.

Thirty-year-old Hessing appeared at Luton crown court today (Friday 26 April) to plead guilty to having a prohibited item in a prison in the shape of an Apple iPhone.

Prosecutor Andrea Scott-Lynch said it was on November 2 last year that prison officers at the jail went to his cell after receiving information that he was in possession of a mobile phone.

“He was talking on the phone and continued to do so as they entered,” she said.

The court was told that Hessing was a “prolific offender” with a long history of serving sentences behind bars and previous convictions for possessing mobile phones while in prison.

His barrister, Harry Potter, said his client was still a “young lag” but now realised that if he continued offending he would end up “an old lag spending the rest of his life in prison.”

He said Hessing who had a background of drink and drugs behind his offending now wanted to “try and sort out the demons in his life.”

Judge Barbara Mensah adjourned her sentencing of Hessing until next Wednesday 1 May, telling him that she needed more information from the probation service.