High Street revs up to be part of this summer’s River Festival celebrations

This 1976 Cadillac Eldorado will be among other cars on display

For the first time in its 44 year history, Bedford River Festival will also see activity in the heart of the town centre, with a dazzling display of incredible cars along Bedford High Street.

The High Street will be pedestrianised for the weekend to host the One Hundred Motoring Display – a celebration of everything from vintage vehicles to supercars – while Riverside Square plays host to the cream of American cars.

Over 100 dazzling vehicles will be displayed down the length of the High Street and around St Paul’s Square.

This High Street closure is sponsored by Bedford BID, and for the first time will see the town centre encompassed in the River Festival as part of the celebration weekend.

Although in the past, streets were closed for the traditional River Festival parade, this is the first time they have been pedestrianised for the whole weekend.

A must for petrolheads and car buffs

A must for petrolheads and car buffs, the weekend will feature everything from an American 1904 Ford Model C from America to a McClaren 720s supercar, and a whole host of motoring goodies in between with iconic cars from every era and every type from the last century.

Over on Riverside Square, a bevvy of American cars will be on display, most of which are too large to be positioned anywhere else – including one with a turning circle of 40 feet.

Mayor Dave Hodgson said: “It’s fantastic to be able to bring the High Street into the mix of the River Festival hosting the Motoring Display.

“There will be some spectacular historic and modern sights to see, all adding to the excitement and events of the River Festival which is sure to have something for everyone.”

Adrian Grubb, motoring display organiser on behalf of Bedford Borough Council, said: “Each vehicle has a story to tell, this is truly a very select collection!

“Hopefully, something that will be a regular attraction within the River Festival in years to come.”

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