Here’s everything you need to know about Bedford Park Concerts this weekend

Bedford Park Concerts 2019

It’s finally here, Bedford Park’s annual music extravaganza starts today.

The local Bedford team have been pulling out the stops to make this weekend the best yet and considering some massive hurdles along the way, they’ve done a fantastic job.

So, what’s the low down? Who’s playing, what’s happening and how do you get tickets (if you haven’t already?). Here’s everything you need to know.

(If you want to know about parking, food and drink and other FAQs, head to the bottom)

Friday 26 July

Cafe Mambo

The incredible Cafe Mambo will be in town with some of the world’s top DJs, hopefully they’ll bring some Ibiza sunshine with them but even if they don’t the night will be one to remember.

Be sure to check out Bedford’s very own Mark Russell who will start the proceedings.

Tickets here:

Saturday 27 July

It might not be the line-up we were expecting but wow, what a line-up the team have pulled together.

Two of the UK’s hottest singer/songwriters Tom Odell and Tom Walker will join Fluer East, MistaJam, Louisa and local lads KNE to entertain the crowd at Bedford Park. #RitaWho?

Tickets here:

Sunday 28 July

BPC Proms 2019

Now in its 24th year, Bedford Park Proms has become a jewel in Bedford’s annual event calendar. Join Tenor, Wynne Evans and Soprano, Sarah Fox as they entertain the crowds alongside a 70-piece choir and the London Gala orchestra, Bedford Choral Society, Bedford Rock Choir and Pilgrims Pre-School Choir.

Tickets here:


As with any concert, there’s always a few questions. So we’ve pulled together all the info you need to know.

Will tickets be available on the door?

We’re told that online ticket sales stop a few hours before each concert starts, but you will be able to get tickets on the door. Prices are as follows:

  • Friday
  • Adult £36
    Child £23
  • Saturday
  • Adult £48
    Child £33
  • Sunday
  • Adult £38
    Child £8

What time is everyone on stage?

Café Mambo
  • 5pm – Mark Russell
  • 5:30pm – Jason Bye
  • 6:15pm – Secondcity
  • 7pm Danny Howard
  • 8pm – The Shapeshifter
  • 9pm – Todd Terry
  • 9.55pm – Robin S
  • 10pm – Judge Jules
Bedford Park Live
  • 5pm – Gates open
  • 5.30pm – Louisa
  • 6.10pm – Fleur East
  • 7.05pm – Tom Walker
  • 8.45pm – Tom Odell
  • 10.00pm – MistaJam
Bedford Park Proms
  • 4.30pm – Gates open
  • 5.00pm – Rachel Early
  • 5.40pm – Pilgrim school choir perform
  • 6.20pm – Bedford Rock Choir
  • 7.30pm – Proms concert commences
  • 10.25pm – Concert concludes (approx)

Do you need to print my tickets out?

Organisers tell us that if you want to print your tickets off you can, but you can also show them on your phone.

They add that you need to be careful if you have a cracked screen though as this may mean your ticket can’t be scanned and you need to turn the screen brightness up to full.

If you’re in doubt, print them out. Remember, each ticket has a unique bar code and this becomes invalid as soon as it is scanned, this prevents duplicate tickets being used.

I have not received my tickets yet?

In the unlikely event you bought tickets directly from the team at LPH Concerts but have not received your tickets then you should find the answers to most questions here:

If this does not answer your query then you can type your specific question here

If you purchased your tickets via SEE tickets, Groupon, Eventim, Into The Blue or Eventbrite and have a ticketing query, then you need to contact those companies to tell them you have not received your tickets. They will have provided contact info on your payment confirmation.

Is there disabled seating and can you bring a carer?

Bedford Park Concerts have worked really hard to make their events as accessible for all as possible.

There is a raised platform for disabled concert goers which will be clearly signposted. You can also bring a carer.

To get a carer ticket you need to have purchased a disabled ticket beforehand. Purchasing a Disabled Ticket entitles the bearer to bring one carer free of charge.

To obtain your Carer Ticket, you will be required to present a valid Disabled Concert Ticket and proof of entitlement to the Box Office at Gate B or Gate D on the event day, which may be one of these three options:

  • Front page of DLA/PIP (higher rate)
  • Front page of Attendance Allowance letter (med/higher rate)
  • Valid Access Card (via CredAbilty).

Can you take food and drink?

As with almost all similar concerts Friday and Saturday have restrictions on what you can bring in.

You are allowed to bring in a sealed 500ml water bottle (or it can be a soft drink if you are diabetic and need sugar, for example but it still must be sealed and no larger than 500ml). You can also bring in an empty reusable container.

There will be water points available for you to refill your bottles once you’re inside. No food can be brought into the arena but there will be multiple and varied street food offerings, including vegan options as well as plenty of beer, wines, spirits and soft drinks too.

On Sunday, things are a little different. As Bedford Park Proms is designed as a family picnic event, you can bring in your own food and drink.

What food will be available?

Simply put. Loads. Get your belly ready.

  • Pizza in the Park – Various meat, vegetarian & vegan hand-made Stone Baked Pizzas. Also gluten free bases
  • Carvery & Grill – Hot Pork Rolls, Classic Burgers, Butchers Sausages & Farmhouse Chips
  • Chips & Dips – Spicy Chicken Wraps, Halloumi & Falafel. Vegetarian, Vegan & gluten free options
  • Barista Coffee – Single source coffee, Assorted Teas & Cakes. Vegetarian, Vegan & gluten free options
  • Traditional Fish & Chips – Freshly Battered Fish, Whole Tail Scampi, Chicken, Battered Sausage & Farm House Chips
  • Healthy Eatery – Various tortilla Wraps & Salad Boxes. Vegetarian, Vegan & gluten free options
  • Greengage Tree vegan food – A selection of vegan burgers, vegan hot dogs and ‘bacon’ buns
  • Barista Coffee – Single source coffee, Assorted teas, Baguettes & Cakes. Vegetarian, Vegan & gluten free options

Don’t forget drinks all provided by Bedford’s Eagle Brewery too, who will be hosting a Main Bar, Aperol Bar, Pimms Bar, Gin Bar, and a Craft Lager and Real Ale

What should I bring?

This is an outdoor concert so remember the weather may change without warning.

Bring sun cream and a hat if it’s hot, but consider something to keep you dry if it is “liquid sunshine”. Small umbrellas are fine but golf umbrellas and parasols will not be allowed into the arena.

Can you take photographs?

The organisers were quite clear on this, camera phones are fine, 35mm/professional type cameras are not.

Where should you park?

If you require disabled parking, this will be available and will be clearly signposted. However, please head to Pilgrims School on Brickhill Drive.

For all other parking, there is limited parking off Brickhill Drive, please follow directional signage.

The best bet though is to use one of the nearby council run carparks which will have extended opening times:

  • Queen Street Car Park (Queen St, Bedford MK40 2HA). 10 minute walk from the park. Open throughout the concerts. Parking is free for the first 2hrs prior to 6pm, and then free after 6pm. Free all day Sunday
  • Lurke Street Car Park (Lurke St, Bedford MK40 3HZ). 15 minute walk from the park. Open 24/7 as usual. Normal charges on Friday. Free for the first 2hrs prior to 6pm, and then free after 6pm on Saturday. Free all day on Sunday.
  • Free on street parking after 6pm, Monday – Saturday except for Castle Lane which is 11pm. Free all day Sunday.

Digital sign posts on all major routes into Bedford will direct Bedford Park Concert attendees to the appropriate car parks.

Can you take chairs?

Yes, you can bring in a foldable chair for the Friday and Saturday night concerts, the areas these will be allowed in will be signposted.

On Friday and Saturday private marquees and gazebos are not permitted.

For Proms on Sunday, you can also bring in a small table. Small gazebos without sides are also permitted but these will only be allowed in the designated area.

That’s it. Have a great time and if you want to share your photos of your fun times in Bedford Park, then send them to

If you have any further questions, head to

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