Help sought to reunite shopper with her stolen ‘lost property’

Ella's bag and purse as they later appeared on eBay

A Leagrave resident is hoping for help from Bedfordians to recover the designer handbag and purse that she left on a Bedford-bound train from London.

Ella Ward had spent the day in London on Saturday 31 August as a birthday treat.

She had been saving up for a year and visited Harrods to buy a limited-edition Louis Vuitton bag and matching purse, costing £1,000.

Ella caught the train home and got off at Leagrave at around 9.15pm. She immediately realised she’d left her bag on the train, so rang Bedford station straight away to let them know.

“The person at Bedford station said they would check the train and ring Leagrave station back,” said Ella.

“When they rang back they said that some kind person handed the bag to one of the workers by the gate telling [them] they’d found it on a train.

“Moments later, someone else said it was their bag. The person at the station handed it over…it never even made it to the lost property office.”

Ella reported the theft to the British Transport Police who said, “British Transport Police received a report concerning the theft of a bag on a train between St Pancras and Bedford.

“The theft is reported to have happened at approximately 9.40pm on 31/08. Enquiries into the incident are ongoing.”

Govia Thameslink, who operate Bedford station said: “British Transport Police have received a report of an alleged bag theft and we will support them with their enquiries.”

In a further blow, Ella then discovered that the bag and purse had been listed for sale on eBay.  Her signature is even visible in the photographs on the online selling site.

She has reported the seller to ebay and also to the police.

“I’m absolutely devastated about what’s happened,” Ella told the Bedford Independent.

“I’m so grateful to the kind person that handed the bag into the station staff at Bedford station.

“I probably don’t stand a chance of finding the bag again but maybe there is a chance that whoever has ended up with the bag will read this and they will do the right thing.”

If you know anything about the theft, you can contact the British Transport Police quoting crime reference number 1900075828