Help Bedford’s homeless this Christmas with SMART Prebend Centre

SMART CRIB appeal Homeless man[1]

SMART Prebend Centre has launched their annual appeal to raise funds to support the homeless and vulnerably housed in Bedford – aiming to raise £50,000.

The SMART Prebend Centre is open 365 days of the year. It is funded entirely by donations and delivers dedicated services that give the homeless and those in unsettled housing skills to help them gain independence and a brighter future.

Funds raised will also help provide hot meals, food, clothing and support to those who are most at need throughout the winter months.

In 2017 the Christmas Relief In Bedford (CRIB) appeal raised over £35,000 funding more than 15,000 meals, 3000 pieces of clothing and bedding, and 2000 hot showers.

The money also supported the team to work with partners and Bedford charities to help homeless and vulnerable people learn essential skills needed to reintegrate into society and find housing.

This year government statistics showed that Bedford has one of the highest rates of homelessness and rough sleeping in the UK. This has led the centre to increase their fundraising target to £50,000.

They expect to be supporting approximately 70 people every day in December with all visitors receiving a cooked meal on Christmas day, refreshments, and food parcels to take away.

SMART’s CEO, Anita McCallum said “The SMART Prebend Centre is financed entirely from fundraising activities; the backing we receive from the local community in Bedford is incredible and also essential in keeping the centre going.

“Donations support the centre running costs and allow the team to deliver dedicated services to relieve rough sleeping and to prevent further homelessness.

“As little as £5 can provide breakfast for 13 homeless people and will make a real difference to the centre. Donations can be made online, taken to the centre or sent by post to The SMART Prebend Centre at 12 Prebend St, Bedford MK40 1QW.”

To donate to the Christmas Relief In Bedford (CRIB) appeal 2018, please visit:

To find out about The SMART Prebend Centre and to volunteer, please visit

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