Haunting Halloween Hedonism visits Bedford in immersive music event


A spooktacular, Halloween event, featuring a host of huge music stars, will haunt Bedford this October in the form of the Halloween Town Festival.

The UK’s biggest Halloween show, promising “Halloween meets Hedonism”, will take place in a huge, big-top at Great Meadow from Friday 29 – Sunday 31 October.

Up to 15,000 guests are expected to attend the immersive festival for a dose of eerie entertainment and a massive night of music.

Organiser Mark Harrison said: “After over three years of planning, I’m so proud to be bringing this exciting show to Bedfordshire.

“Not only will it feature some of the country’s top DJs and live acts, but a level of theming and production that the area has never seen before.

“We’ve hired the UK’s best lighting and set designers to create the show with so much production it’ll take over seven articulated lorries to deliver! We can’t wait to show people this amazing Halloween Town weekend.”

The festival promises “mind blowing production values, freakish performers and massive headline acts.”

Craig David will play Friday night; Andy C Saturday; and the Levellers will close the festival on Sunday.

There will be a custom-built production described as ‘a dystopian future meets Day of the Dead’ and a ‘Sugar Skull Stage’, a three-story arena, complete with a 40ft LED screen.

Other big names performing include:

  • TS5
  • Nathan Dawe
  • Majestic
  • DJ EZ
  • David Rodigan
  • Shy FX
  • Kings of The Rollers
  • Peter Hook and the Light
  • Dreadzone

Event organisers describe it as “an experience, where the undead come to dance.”

Guests are welcome to come in full Halloween dress and make-up. There will also be a team of mind blowing make up artists on hand, offering transformations on the night.

As for what else to expect, the organisers say it best:

“Upon arrival, guests are met by the zombie ticket collectors and ushered to the cloakroom, where hands come through the Curtain of Night to grab coats and bags.

“Suitably spooked, guests can head straight to the Bar of the Bizarre, a three-story construction of corrugated iron, broken windows and barbed wire, barely holding in the nightmarish creatures within.

“Monstrous arms burst through the backdrop holding lights, but festival-goers are advised not to get too close…”

And, if that all proves too much, you can head to the ‘chiller’ for some much-needed down time. But, be warned! The Killer Clowns in charge of the chillout may make it anything but relaxing…

This event has been organised by Mark Harrison, Managing Director of ‘The Full Effect’. Bedfordians may know Mark as the award-winning organiser behind the Bedford Park Concerts.

For tickets and more information visit here.

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