Happy Bedfordshire Day


Today is Bedfordshire Day, the annual celebration of all that’s great about our county.

The first Bedfordshire day was held in 2015 following a public vote by the Friends of Bedfordshire Society to decide on a significant date.

The anniversary of the birth of John Bunyan was overwhelmingly the most popular date to celebrate, so each year on 28 November it’s an excuse the raise the Bedfordshire flag and eat a Bedfordshire Clanger.

The Bedfordshire flag will flying outside Borough Hall and the Staff Restaurant will be serving Bedfordshire Clangers and the Bedfordshire schools’ favourite, chocolate toothpaste.

Bedford Heights on Manton Lane has Bedfordshire bunting up and will also be serving Bedfordshire Clangers.

Bedforshire ClangersGunns Bakery have been making and selling Bedfordshire Clangers for nearly a century and David Gunns is preparing for a bumper day of sales as Bedfordians celebrate with our local delicacy.

“My great grandfather started the business in Sandy in 1928 and Gunns have been making Bedfordshire Clangers ever since,” said David.

“We now sell them frozen so that customers can bake them at home and enjoy them hot from their oven – or pop into our shops on Bedford High Street and in Sandy for one fresh from our oven.

“Local produce is enjoying a revival and Bedfordshire Clangers are no exception. We sold over 1,000 at Bromham Apple Day this year and are pretty sure that their popularity will outlive us!”

The Bedfordshire Clanger is made with suet pastry with a half sweet, half savoury filling. It was recently featured on the Great British Bake Off and was championed by Jamie Oliver and Jimmy Doherty on their Friday Night Feast programme in 2013.

Mayor Dave Hodgson said, “Bedfordshire Day is a great chance to celebrate our county and in particular the people, places, history and culture that make it what it is.

“I’m proud of Bedfordshire and I’m proud that Bedford is the county town. We will be celebrating at Borough Hall with local treats for sale in the staff canteen and our county flag will be flying proudly outside the building.“

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