Great Ouse Primary given £2,000 STEM boost by Amazon

Great Ouse Primary School
Jahangir Ahmed with his daughters Zara and Zoya

Great Ouse Primary Academy has been awarded £2000 from their local Amazon team, as part of a campaign led by the British Science Association to inspire local pupils to embrace STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths).

The donation came from the company’s fulfilment centre in Milton Keynes and will be used to fund new science equipment for Great Ouse Primary Academy as part of the Amazon in the Community programme.

Team members from Amazon visited the school to learn about their current STEM programmes and meet some of the teachers and pupils. The school will use the donation from Amazon to purchase science equipment.

Katherine Mathieson, Chief Executive, British Science Association, said: “The British Science Association is delighted to be partnering with Amazon UK. It’s great to see them supporting STEM education. We share a commitment to boosting young people’s science capital by providing real-world, relatable activities that put STEM into context.”

Great Ouse Primary Academy
(l-r): Jahangir Ahmed, David Hall, Paul Ives (Principal at Great Ouse Primary Academy) and Shahid Furqan

Amazon’s Milton Keynes General Manager, Scott Wharton, said: “At Amazon, we’re passionate about unearthing and inspiring the next generation of STEM SuperStars. STEM is at the heart of everything we do at Amazon and we’re happy to team up with schools to support their efforts in developing and nurturing the inventors, creators and business leaders of tomorrow.

“Our team had a fantastic time visiting Great Ouse Primary Academy and it’s great to learn more about the great work being done by the British Science Association and local schools to engage pupils in STEM subjects.”

Paul Ives, Principal from Great Ouse Primary Academy, added: “It’s brilliant to receive this support from Amazon and it’s encouraging that the team at the local fulfilment centre mirrors our goal to make STEM subjects fun, accessible and engaging for all of our pupils.

“A strong STEM skillset is essential in many careers and to know that Amazon is supportive of our efforts to help pupils embrace STEM subjects is fantastic. On behalf of our school, I’d like to say thank you to the local Amazon team for this donation.”

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