Goldington Avenue Area Residents’ Association sows the seeds of community garden

Goldington Avenue Residents Association gardeners

A local residents’ group has created a community garden to brighten up their area and encourage volunteers to get involved in its upkeep.

The garden is at the corner of Campbell Road and Bradgate Road, opposite the badminton club and entrance to the Place Theatre and has been organised by the Goldington Avenue Area Residents’ Association (GAARA).

Driven by local residents, the planting was supported by local councillors David Sawyer and Henry Vann, who contributed ward funds towards the project.

“Bedford Borough Council helped us to plant this little area for the local community to enjoy,” said resident and manager of the GAARA  garden, Craig Lymm.

“It’ll include rosemary, sage and geranium and some grasses, providing not only a variety of colour, but also an area for pollinating insects to use.

“The idea was to bring the local community together and its working already as several people have said they’ll help out.”

“There is a facebook group, GAARA Community Garden for anyone who wants to help.”

Cllr Henry Vann said, “Thank you and well done to the Goldington Avenue Area Residents Association and local residents for their drive to create a new community garden.

“Councillor David Sawyer and I were delighted to be able to support the new community garden with our ward fund and I was delighted to be able to join gardeners of all ages to help with the planting.

“If you’re interested in helping out, information will be added to the nearby noticeboard soon.”

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