Gigs 4 Kids reaches first milestone by raising over £10k

Gigs 4 Kids
Spreading the word, one badge at at time...

Music for Bedford Borough’s campaign, Gigs 4 Kids has reached its first major milestone by raising £11,963 thanks to generous donations from Bedford’s music-loving community.

This achievement means they are able to unlock a £2,522 pledge from Arts Council England (ACE), taking the campaign very close to reaching its ultimate goal of £16,151

However, if 100% of the crowdfund target is not raised by the end of November, none of the pledges will be received, so public support is still essential in spite of this exciting milestone.

The campaign still needs a further £1,703 to be raised before December and organisers Music for Bedford Borough and partners Bedford Creative Arts, Music Live, Bedford Music Co-operative, the Philharmonia Orchestra, Pad Presents and Esquires, have high hopes of succeeding.

Young music fans enjoy the Rolling Stones Now tribute band at the Quarry Theatre

“We are thrilled by this progress and cannot express our gratitude enough to Arts Council England and members of the Bedford community, both individuals and businesses, who have contributed greatly,” said Kayte Judge, cultural education producer at Bedford Creative Arts.

“The end goal is now in sight and we have full confidence that this campaign will be a huge success.”

Gigs 4 Kids pledges to hold live music gigs in all 54 primary schools located in the borough later this year, totackle the shortfall of opportunities for children to experience the joy of music.

The gigs will be offered to schools free of charge and will include a broad mix of music styles from rock, jazz, funk and classical music. Every gig will be followed up with clear instructions for parents about the options for music lessons in Bedford Borough.

The campaign will also provide a bursary fund to support at least 30 disadvantaged children to access a ‘taster term’ of one-to-one lessons, including intensive support from The Philharmonia for those children who have chosen an orchestral instrument. The bursaries will be allocated on need by a panel according to set criteria.

More information can be found at

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