Get your news and culture fix with the March issue of the Bedford Clanger

The Bedford Clanger

Now in its ninth year, the Bedford Clanger was established to shine a light on the cultural life of Bedford, giving a platform to the artists, musicians, museums, venues, shops and events that make our town unique.

This month’s edition has just hit the streets and you can pick up a copy in cafes, shops, libraries, museums and pubs throughout the town centre and villages.

Highlights include International Women’s Day celebrations, BedPop Science Labs, Holi – the Indian festival of colours, a new exhibition at the Panacea Museum and a visit to Esquires from the James Taylor Quartet.

James Taylor – whipping up the crowd at Cambridge Junction – will be at Esquires this month. Photo credit: Neil McCarty

You can also catch up on the top Bedford Independent stories of the previous month, published in the Clanger.

Each month, the Clanger asks a resident for their ‘Best of Bedford’ and this March, Little Science Labs’ Kristina Castle is in the spotlight. Find out her favourite place for a full English, a lovely cuppa and where she’d recommend to visitors.

If you can’t pick up a printed copy, you can check out everything on the Bedford Clanger website.

They share all of the month’s articles, plus lots of extra content, interviews and competitions, so you won’t miss a thing.

The Bedford Clanger hits the streets the last weekend of every month.

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