Georgia’s starring role at Bedfringe

Creating Memories
Georgia received a celebratory bunch of flowers following her performance

A 12-year old girl with a long-term heart condition, saw her wish to sing on stage come true at the Bedfringe Festival thanks to the Creating Memories organisation.

Keech Hospice Care contacted Creating Memories and with the help of the Quarry Theatre, Georgia was given the chance to perform on the Garden Stage as part of a 40-minute slot alongside other local artists.

A touch of Hollywood glamour was added to the proceedings with a red carpet lent by Woodlands Manor Hotel, along with stanchions by Party Time Casinos.

Georgia, who is from Watford, has a passion for singing and has been taking part in school performances since she was 8 years old. Her favourite singer is Dolly Parton.

Earlier this year, the Corn Exchange gifted Georgia front row seats to see ‘Islands in the Stream’, a Dolly Parton tribute act, where, upon hearing how much of a fan Georgia was, the band dedicated a song to her and a fellow audience member helped Georgia onto the stage to dance.

At the Quarry Theatre, local Bedford singer Roy Lendor sang four songs as Georgia’s support act, before Georgia sang her heart out with renditions of ‘Jolene’ by her idol Dolly Parton and ‘This is Me’ from the Greatest Showman.

Creating Memories
Georgia performs on the Garden Stage at the Quarry Theatre as part of Bedfringe

Georgia received a bunch of flowers following her performance, which were donated by Cottage Garden Florists in Kempston, before audience members came forward to congratulate her and ask for autographs, which was the icing on the cake!

Georgia’s mum Claire said, “A big thank you to Creating Memories for making Georgia’s wish come true, watching her perform on stage and fulfilling her dream was just an amazing feeling that filled our hearts with joy and bought tears to our eyes.

“Georgia loved every moment. She was in her element on the stage and this will be a memory the whole family will always treasure.”

Pritti Saggi, Founder of Creating Memories, said, “I feel honoured to have been able to make this wish happen with the fantastic support of local businesses.

“Georgia dedicating ‘Jolene’ to her dad – his favourite song – was a very special moment and a great example of why I love what I do as part of Creating Memories.”

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