Fundraiser to help Laura have a garden of her own

Laura Peggs and a barn owl Image: Laura Peggs/Facebook
Laura Peggs. Image: Laura Peggs/Facebook

Bedford disability awareness campaigner and fundraiser, Jess Grugeon, has started a fundraiser for her close friend Laura Peggs, to help create a garden of her own and “change her life”.

Laura also organises Bedford Disability Awareness Week (BDAW) and writes occasionally about disabled matters for the Bedford Independent.

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Together they have done incredible things to raise awareness of disability issues around Bedford, now Jess is asking for us to all help Laura.

When she was a child, Laura was left disabled by a brain tumour which left her profoundly deaf in her right ear, moderately deaf in her left ear and completely blind in her right eye.

She also suffers from hemiplegia down her right-hand side and with very little sensation in her right foot.

Her poor balance, frequent dizzy spells and chronic pain are managed by capsaicin patch treatment and the use of a neuromodulation system.

After a recent accident, she will now have to use a wheelchair full-time.

We’ve asked Laura to write the latest disability awareness column to explain further why she has set up this fundraiser for her friend.

Donate to A Garden for Laura here

Laura and I are good friends and we try to meet up each week. We met some years ago as we were both involved with the then Bedford and District Access Group.

Last September we ran an event at the Higgins Museum, BDAW Bedford Disability Awareness Week, which we pulled off despite Covid.

A Garden for Laura. Image: Jess Grugeon
Laura’s current fenceless garden. Image: Jess Grugeon

Earlier this year, Laura was going great guns. She Had signed herself up for a sponsored step challenge raising funds and awareness for brain tumour research which she has suffered herself.

Shortly after this event, she had a very unfortunate accident involving her foot and ankle.

She has had to come to terms, quickly with the fact that she is unable to weight bear and she will now have to use a wheelchair full time.

Laura’s love of nature and the great outdoors is great. She is also very fond of animals hence the picture of her with an owl.

She has recently been told by the housing association that she is not eligible for any special measures. At present, she is unable to get on her lawn as it is very uneven.

Laura does have plans to meet up with a retired greyhound, who could potentially offer her companionship. She has lived alone for over 20 years.

Not sure that I can explain how life-changing and life-enhancing it could be for Laura to be able to access her own garden, maybe even sit in it, and invite friends over.

Not to mention actually being able to plant her own things, if we can buy a raised bed.

Please get behind this campaign it would be amazing to be able to provide Laura with An area she can access. I know it would make her very very happy and she deserves to be smiling.

You can make a donation to A Garden for Laura at the GoFundMe website.

Jess Grugeon
Bedford Disability Awareness Week (BDAW)