Fundraiser for Bedford ICU team in memory of mum and son who died of Covid

Hospital staff are among those eligible to self-refer for their covid vaccine

A brother and sister are fundraising for the ICU staff at Bedford Hospital who cared for their mother and brother before they lost their lives to Covid-19 (coronavirus).

Akhlatun Miah, aged 66 and her son, Mohammed Imdad Miah, known as Imz, 40, both died at Bedford Hospital intensive care unit after contracting Covid.

They were both admitted in mid December. Akhlatun passed away on 29 December and Imz on 16 January.

To repay the kindness of the ICU staff, Mohammed and Shiuly Miah have begun a fundraiser.

“Our mum and brother were both amazing people,” they told the Bedford Independent.

“They have always done things for others rather than for themselves.”

During the first lockdown, Akhlatun and her son provided over 100 hot meals for staff at The Royal Free Hospital in Barnet.

“Our mother was constantly cooking for people who were less fortunate,” said Mohammed. “During Ramadan, we would drive around Bedford handing out home cooked meals to the homeless.”

When Mohammed and Shiuly’s father passed away 16 years ago, Imz was studying at university.

“When he found out he really struggled and was diagnosed with depression. Recently, when he set up his dream garage, this was his happy place. It was and will continue to be his legacy,” said Mohammed.

Both Akhlatun and Imz were in ICU at the same time, but neither of them knew.

Bedford Hospital (Photo: Dr Robert Oakley)

“After my mum passed, the nurses promised us they would make our brother as comfortable as possible.

“The nurses showed a great deal of compassion and care, one of the nurses, Liz, called us to ask how he would like his beard and hair trimmed as it was over growing.

“It was small touches like that and making us feel at ease every day when we would call for updates.”

The brother and sister were able to visit their mum and brother during their last moments in full PPE.

“The nurses showed a lot of compassion and sympathy everytime we spoke to them. We knew they were in good hands.

Shiuly has been in contact with the Matron in the ICU department to discuss the best way to donate the money.

“With the money raised, we would like it to go directly to the staff, who work endless hours under such stress and pressure,” said Mohammed.

“We would also like to cook for the staff, similar to what our mum and brother did previously.”

You can contribute to the fundraiser ‘In loving memory of Mohammed and Akhlatun Miah’ here.

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