Fry Estate Agents

We could use this opportunity to explain how many years experience we have and that we are the agent to be trusted etc. Instead we would like to talk to you about who we really are.

We are just like you, we shop in the same shops, eat in the same restaurants, walk our dogs around the same parks!

My point is that, yes, we are VERY good at what we do but also know what is expected as a customer. Throughout our site we mention the word ‘Service’ and cannot reiterate enough how important this is to both you and us. Call, Text, Email, Social Media Messaging we are on hand to help however way you want to get in touch. We are a modern agent and understand what people want nowadays.

Our Terms and Conditions give you the peace of mind to know that we will give 100% to ensuring that your sale is handled correctly and the advice we give is best for you. We do not need to tie you into a lengthy contract as we believe that if we are doing our job correctly there will be no need for you to look elsewhere.

The technology, flexibility and reliability on offer from Fry Estate Agents is what you deserve and what you should expect when selling your home.

We would love to come and talk to you regarding your property. Our passion and vibrancy will prevail and open your eyes to a new way of selling your home.

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