Free Keyboard Warriors sessions get home workers stretching and flexing for fitness

The work from home workouts take just 15mins and you don't need any special equipment

The Borough’s Sports Development team, in collaboration with a local personal trainer, have created a new free online exercise initiative to help home workers stay active.

Keyboard Warriors is a 15 minute, twice a week ‘stretch and flex’ created by PT Larissa Clarke and is intended for anyone who is finding themselves spending most of their time in front of their PC as they work from home.

“You don’t need any special kit to take part,” said Larissa, who, in non-lockdown times runs Transition Coaching.

“You don’t need trainers or a yoga mat and you’re not going to get sweaty, so you can wear whatever you like, even your PJs.

“The aim is to help alleviate aches and stiffness from sitting in one position all day and to prevent longer-term issues including digestion, circulation and posture.”

Anyone can join the Keyboard Warriors sessions every Monday and Thursday at 12.30pm via the link

“Since many people have been working from home they’ve stopped their walk to work or the station, or their walk to get their lunch,” said Larissa.

“I’m hopeful that people will join us twice a week for the Keyboard Warrior sessions and then learn the routines and do them daily. I’d love for these simple exercises to become a daily habit.”

Cllr Doug McMurdo, Portfolio Holder for Leisure and Culture said, “Keyboard Warriors is a great class, created to help everyone that works at a computer to take a moment for some self-care and get moving, especially now lots of people are working from home.

“I know that lots of us have found it all too easy to sit at the computer all day, which isn’t good for your body or your mind.

“At just 15mins, this class is perfectly suited to fit in your lunch break and provides an opportunity to have a stretch, help improve your posture, and get a little boost in the middle of the working day.

”Sports Development run a number of online classes throughout the week including tai chi, mindful yoga and exercise to music, all for free.

“These are available at:

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