Foxy Wings aim to double their crowdfunder after hitting target in under 72 hours


The team at Foxy Wings and Beerfly were celebrating at the weekend after hitting their crowdfunder target of £20,000 in just three days.

But not content to sit back on their laurels, they’ve stretched their target to £40,000 in order to realise even more ambitious plans.

The team had reached out to Bedfordians to help them secure funding for a new restaurant and bar at Riverside Bedford by pledging money in return for rewards and experiences.

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By hitting their target, the new restaurant and bar is guaranteed to launch this year in the vacant unit between Zizzi and Wagamama in the Riverside North development.

“I am absolutely blown away by the kindness and generosity of people,” said Foxy Wings’ co-founder, Gabs Pearson.

“This has really shown me how many people are ready to invest in where they live. This level of support has really validated some of the values we want to incorporate into the business.”

Foxy Wings reaching £20,000 target screenshot
Foxy Wings and Beerfly reached their £20,000 crowdfunder target just 48 hours after it was launched.

The most popular rewards so far have been the £25 and £50 vouchers as well as the opportunity to have your name on the Founder’s Wall, a mural designed and painted by local illustrator Katie Allen.

Jamie, the brains behind the Foxy brand design, has worked closely with Bedford creatives Boyds and Neon Marl to produce limited edition clothing rewards.

He said ‘I am so pleased with the quality and love and care that our merch has been made with. I can’t wait to see Foxy supporters around town in our tees, sweatshirts, hats and beanies.’

The team have collaborated on their new restaurant and bar concept with Tim Edwards of Beerfly on St. Cuthbert’s Street, so it’s not surprising that the Beer and Wings tasting experience and the first brew of their exclusive beer “Fantastic Mr Hops” brewed with Three Hills in Rushden have also been very popular.

“Thank you all so much for supporting our little project, we never dreamed that we would have hit our goal so quickly,” said Beerfly’s Tim Edwards.

“It means so much to us to know that we have Bedfordians behind us and gives us so much confidence that we have the right concept to succeed in our town.”

Double bubble

The initial £20,000 raised by the team will go towards furnishing and decoration of the restaurant and bar. Although the goal was always a very ambitious target, it was “all or nothing”. If they did not achieve their £20,000 target they wouldn’t have got any money.

“We felt we had to scale back some of our plans to make sure that the goal was reasonable and achievable,” said co-founder Matt Pearson.

“However, in light of the huge amount of support we have had in the last couple of days we now want to turn our attention to investing in quality signage that fits the upscale aesthetic of the Riverside development and durable outdoor seating area that can be used all year round to get the most use out of our stunning location.”

With this in their sights, they have stretched their goal to £40,000 and have already hit nearly £25,000.

If you’d like to help them achieve their new target, you can donate here.

“Now that we have secured the initial £20,000, everything else we raise by 19 May, even if we don’t reach £40,000, is safe,” said Tim.

“Aiming for double the amount means that we can kick on to bigger and better plans and we can’t wait to get started.”

“This crowdfunder success genuinely took us by surprise,” said Matt. “This is a proper ‘Bedford’ project and we couldn’t have done it without the incredible support of the town.”

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