Former Bedford College graduate wins global creative award

Award-winning designer, Carli Pfurtscheller

A graphic design graduate from Bedford College has received a global award for her project in response to ‘fast fashion.’

Carli Pfurtscheller, a former BA Graphic Communications student at the College, received Creative Conscience’s bronze award for her the project, which was part of her final degree presentation.

‘Refabric8’ is a branding concept based on the idea of up-cycling secondhand clothes to tackle the growing issue of ‘fast fashion’.

“I first heard of Creative Conscience at the D&AD New Blood exhibition in London in 2019,” Carli told the Bedford Independent.

“Bedford College students have a stand each year to showcase the work of Graphic Communications HND & BA degree graduates.

“My final major project at college was a concept for a sustainable fashion brand called Refabric8.

“Creative Conscience nominated it as ‘one to watch’ whilst we were at D&AD which spurred me to enter the awards officially.”

You can see Carli’s entry here.

The project was Carli’s response to the amount of waste generated in the fast fashion business model and the negative effect of exploitative consumerism on people and the planet.

The concept takes donated second-hand clothing and refabricates it into new items of clothing.

Each new garment retains the personal history of the original items in a ‘logbook.’ You can find out more about the project at

“Winning a bronze award has been fantastic recognition for the work I put into my project,” said Carli.

“The team behind the awards are respected senior creatives from across the board and it feels really great to be acknowledged by them.

“Some projects go on to become real-world solutions with coaching from the mentors at Creative Conscience. I’m currently exploring getting the project off the ground next year as a business.”

Since graduating from Bedford College in 2019, Carli has been freelancing as a graphic designer and her most high-profile project is undoubtedly the identity of Brewpoint, the new Wells & Co. landmark brewery launching this week in Bedford.

Brewpoint's On Point Pale Ale
Brewpoint’s On Point Pale Ale

“I’ve been fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Wells & Co. on the Brewpoint project since designing the logo for the new brewery last year,” explained Carli.

“Since then, Wells & Co. have put their trust and confidence in me to design all of the wayfinding, including vinyl decals for the beer garden and restaurant plus bar and brewery tour signage.

“This has been a massive project for me having only graduated in 2019 – but unlike many graduates I’d had the experience of managing large projects in my previous career in telecoms logistics, which was a real asset.

“I also enlisted senior freelance graphic designer Richard Slade to work alongside me on the project and his expertise has been invaluable.

“I’ve created the packaging designs for the very first beers to be brewed – you may have seen ‘On Point’ pale ale already on social media.

Brewpoint Wells & Co
Wells & Co’s Brewpoint HQ

“I’ve been visiting the site throughout the build but nothing prepared me for seeing my logo and the name up on the front of the building.

“I still can’t believe that they chose my design and have continued to commission me for design projects, I feel very grateful and proud.

“It’s been an absolute dream job to have as a designer. I’m working with Wells & Co on some other projects which I can’t reveal right now, but watch this space…”

You can check out more of Carli’s work at her website and on Instagram.

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