Flamme Rouge cycling squads bolstered for new season


Bedford’s independent cycling shop, Flamme Rouge has announced its Cycling Team for 2019.

They will be targeting Premier Calendar, Junior National Road Series and National road racing events and the team has grown to 11 riders across two squads for 2019.

“We have increased the strength of our line-up of Junior and under 23 age group riders,” said Flamme Rouge’s Jamie Quiggan.  “This is in line with our team objectives of fostering young talent to develop in the sport, and hopefully winning races in the process.”

Flamme Rouge Senior Riders comprise Ashley Cox, Matt Exley and Will Scott plus new signings Matt Humpage and Oliver Bates.

The season’s U23 Riders are Nathan Blackmore, Billy Fadden and Jack Steel-Jessop, while the Junior Riders are Joe Bennett, Alexi Edwards Riley Searle.

“After our annual team training camp in Calpe, Spain, the team will be starting their domestic road race campaign in March,” said Jamie. “The newly expanded team enables us to have two squads racing on most weekends.

“Our senior squad will targeting national elite level and Premier Calendar events. The highlights of the year being the Rutland Cicle Classic and the National Championships in June, where Ashley achieved a top 10 position in the time trial in 2018.

“Our development squad of under 23’s and under 18 juniors are targeting regional road races and Junior National Series events as well as travelling to selected European races in Belgium and Holland through the season.”

The further development of the Bedford-based team has only been possible due to the generous support of the teams’ sponsors.

Flamme Rouge Cycles in Bedford will act as the service course through the season supplying staff, team Trek bikes and Bontrager equipment. Holland & Barrett work with the riders on nutrition and to further and act as charitable partners,  fundraising through the Holland & Barrett Healthy Hope Foundation. Telopea MSL, a Bedfordshire healthcare management company, continue their relationship with the team.

“The University of Bedfordshire Human Performance Centre is working even more closely with the team for 2019,” explained Jamie. “They’re providing performance testing and resources for the team. The team will also be using their on site facilities in Bedford for virtual altitude training.”

To find out more about the Flamme Rouge Cycling team please contact: events@flammerouge.cc


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