Fire at Bedford’s North Wing Hospital


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A fire has broken out at Bedford’s North Wing Hospital.

Here’s what we know (00:12)

  • Shires House is destroyed. Parts of it have collapsed.
  • No reported damage to the newer clinic or Archer House.
  • Fire is now well under control and some crews are packing up preparing to leave.
  • Kimbolton Road and Goldington Road remain closed between the entrance to North Wing Hospital and Pemberley Avenue.
  • CFO Paul Fuller says they’ll now be long to determine the cause of the fire.
  • No casualties or injuries were reported.
  • Healthwatch Bedford Borough say all MSK appointments for 4 February are cancelled.

Here’s what we know (22:46)

  • CFO Paul Fuller CBE tells us that the fire at the Health Village end is under control but they’ll continue to douse that part of the building.
  • Part of the old building (Shires House) has collapsed.

Here’s what we know (22:31)

  • BFRS advise people living nearby to keep house windows closed to prevent smoke damage or inhalation.

Here’s what we know (22:14)

  • Crews from Bucks Fire Service now here too.

Here’s what we know (21:34)

  • Goldington Road closed by Bedford Blues Rugby ground as fire crews use standpipes to pump water to fire.

Here’s what we know (21:34)

  • Kimbolton Road closed to vehicles from the entrance to Bedford Hospital North Wing to Pemberley Avenue.

Here’s what we know (20:48)

  • A spokesperson for Beds Fire and Rescue has told us there are no reported casualties and the building is believed to have been empty.

Here’s what we know (20:22)

  • Chief Fire Officer, Paul Fuller has told us that 50 fire fighters are in the scene and some have now entered the building to prevent spread of fire to the new building.

Here’s what we know (19:56)

  • Fire is in a derelict building behind the health village.
  • Fire crews from Bedford, Kempston and Luton in attendance.
  • Aerial platforms are containing the fire from outside and above.
  • Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service tells us they don’t believe there to be any risk to life.
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