Felmersham pub’s ‘pay it forward’ meals bring joy to the community

Sun Felmersham
The Sun, Felmersham

Thanks to the generosity of locals, a village pub in Felmersham is delivering ‘restaurant quality ready meals’ for vulnerable and deserving members of the community.

The initiative started when Pete and Conny Pestell, the owners of The Sun in Felmersham, were approached by a local who donated £100 to be used to prepare meals for people who needed a treat in lockdown.

“People donate and we cook at cost price and deliver restaurant quality ready meals as a surprise,” explained Peter.

“Not only have lots of people been nominated, but generous donations keep coming in.

“And when people receive a surprise meal, it seems to make their day. I guess that’s the aim really.”

It’s not the first time Pete and Conny have stepped up during lockdown. The pub and restaurant may have had to close, but they responded by opening a village shop in the bar, cooking 600 meals for NHS workers and putting on a virtual VE Day concert to raise money for a local homelessness charity.

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And not only are they supporting their local community, but also Bedford-based suppliers.

“Wherever possible we use local businesses,” said Pete. “GCH fishmongers, AB Fruits, Woburn Country Foods and Companions Real Bread all deliver daily and are absolute stars.”

One satisfied – and surprised – recipient of a meal said: “Our dinner has just arrived and you have no idea how much excitement and appreciation it evoked.

“It’s such a kind and wonderful idea, please could you pass on our huge thanks and love to all involved, including you and your lovely staff.”

Pete said: “We’ve already delivered 100 meals to deserving people. The fund has continued to be topped up by the generous and thoughtful members of our community and we would love you to suggest people we can deliver to.

“So please drop us a private message and we will get cooking.”

To nominate a recipient or to donate some money, please email Pete and Conny at info@thesunfelmersham.com or message them via their Facebook page.

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