Faces of Bedford: Pippa, life coach and yoga teacher, Oakley


The sixth in our Faces of Bedford series features Pippa, ‘glowing with the flow’ as a life coach and yoga teacher in the Bedfordshire village of Oakley.

Over to Pippa, in her own words…

Bedford seemed a bit ‘small-town’ to me when I moved here from North London 12 years ago.

I was considered a bit strange by people I met because I was vegetarian and a bit hippy-ish. I felt like I stood out then, but now I fit in.

photo: Dan Davies

I worked for MTV in Camden for years alongside other creatives. This line of work didn’t really fit once I had a child. I was working for the Nordic division so getting a call at 4am saying subtitles had gone down somewhere in Sweden wasn’t really cutting it.

Having my baby and being pregnant was what brought me onto yoga and mindfulness. One of my friends at the time was a nurse and she recommended active birth yoga so I thought I’d try it and I LOVED it.

I had been advised it would help with stress relief during childbirth. It was life-changing for me.

I had a great birth and afterwards, there was a support network to call on. I had dabbled with a bit of yoga at the gym, but this was amazing to me and changed my life. I am full-on mindful spiritual hippy now.

At the time I wanted to be more in touch with what my body was doing and learn to unwind. I had my baby, went to the post-natal classes which were great as I had no family around me.

I asked my teacher if I could start from scratch from the ground up as I wanted to get involved – I always assumed I needed an official qualification, but it turns out I could. So I did!

I had a second baby and then started training – and I qualified literally the day before moving to Bedford. So moving here was a fresh start in more ways than one.

From there it grew and grew. It was so different living in a small town compared to living in London. I found there was very much an identity coming from Bedford and coming from outside I didn’t really know what that meant.

Having been here 12 years now, I would consider myself a local. I moved here with two young boys and never really went out much. Bedford is beautiful though and I can’t imagine living anywhere else now.

Faces of Bedford was set up during lockdown by commercial and wedding photographer, Dan Davies, to showcase the extraordinary people that make Bedford brilliant.

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