FACES Bedford receives Queen’s Award

Queen's Award

FACES Bedford, have been awarded the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service, the highest award a voluntary group can receive in the UK, often called the ‘MBE for groups’.

Volunteers at the charity, which offers practical and emotional support to those who need it, come from all over and include parents, grand-parents, and people with experience of working with families.

The also train to assist in children’s centres, or take an extended course to work with families in their homes, which can be a useful step to employment or further education.

FACES Bedford support helps people facing a number of issues including from death of a loved one, domestic abuse and finance, and many more.

Chief Executive of FACES Bedford, said: “This is a fabulous recognition of the extraordinary work that our volunteers carry out, and the dedication and hard work of the staff team in training and supporting each volunteer.

“At FACES Bedford we are proud of our unique services, our ethos and the outcomes that the children and families that we support can achieve.

“Anybody who visits us, works in partnership with us, volunteers with us or benefits directly from the services we provide will know that this is something we will not compromise on and we will work with each child, parent and family for as long as it is necessary to ensure that the children we support live happier, healthier and safer lives.”

FACES Bedford
Last year, 154 volunteers worked with FACES Bedford throughout the year, supporting an incredible 671 families and 902 children.

To celebrate the award, the FACES Bedford volunteer co-ordinator and a senior volunteer were invited to attend a garden party at Buckingham Palace in May, along with other recipients of this year’s Award.

However, other representatives of FACES Bedford will also be able to enjoy the celebrations when they receive the award from Helen Nellis, Lord Lieutenant of Bedfordshire in July.

Eve Burt, Chairman of FACES Bedford Trustees, added: “We are so honoured and excited to receive this award.

“Our volunteers are exceptional and consistently go the extra mile to support families in Bedfordshire, and this award pays tribute to their dedication and commitment in supporting families so that they can provide a safer, happier and healthier home in which their children can thrive and reach their full potential.”

To find out more about FACES Bedford, volunteer, or to see if they can help you, visit their website.

What is the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service?

  • The Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service aims to recognise outstanding work by volunteer groups to benefit their local communities.
  • It was created in 2002 to celebrate the Queen’s Golden Jubilee.
  • Winners are announced each year on 2 June, the anniversary of the Queen’s Coronation.
  • FACES Bedford is just one of 281 charities, social enterprises and voluntary groups to receive the prestigious award this year.
  • Nominations and awards have increased every year since the awards were introduced, showing that the voluntary sector is thriving and full of innovative ideas.

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