EXCLUSIVE: CC Smugglers announce shock split

CC Smugglers

The CC Smugglers, one of Bedford’s best-loved bands, have announced that they will be performing their final show together at Esquires this December.

The news was greeted with sadness and disbelief by their legion of loyal fans who have made sure the band go out with a bang following a series of sold out shows on their farewell tour.

“Financially, it’s the end of the road for us,” explained lead singer and 21st century troubadour, Richie Prynne, speaking exclusively to the Bedford Independent.

“The collapse of Pledgemusic cost us £20,000 and then we cancelled the How High tour after an incredibly traumatic bereavement that hit the whole band really, really hard.”

Over the last decade the CC Smugglers have lost out on two major record deals, essentially doing everything themselves.

Relying on their fans’ support, the band organised a crowdfunding campaign through Pledgemusic to enable them to record their album.

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When Pledgemusic went bust earlier this year, it threw their album plans into disarray and left them with a £20,000 deficit, something that they have found hard to bounce back from.

CC Smugglers with Whispering Bob Harris

“We’ve given it ten years and we’ve thrown absolutely everything into this. We’ve sacrificed so much and everyone’s just emotionally drained.

“We’ve come to a mutual understanding and we’re all feeling very positive about what the future will bring.

“We’ve made a call to prioritise our relationship as friends over success in the industry.

“In the midst of all the change and turbulence I have been writing an album which I’m determined to finish and continue my work in what ever way I can.

“There’s no reason why we shouldn’t get back together at some point in the future, but for now, it’s time to call it quits.”

For the CC Smuggler’s farewell, they’ve rearranged their cancelled tour dates and will be back on the road from this weekend until the final hometown stop on their tour: Bedford Esquires on Thursday 19 December.

“The tour is selling out at a rate of knots,” said Richie.  “It’s going to be bloody good and we’ll love every single show.”

And if you haven’t seen the band live, we highly recommend you try and get tickets before it sells out.

“We’re determined to leave, remembering how good it can be,” said Richie. And we just know that their loyal fans won’t disappoint them.


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