EU citizens urged to register to vote


A group of Bedford Borough councillors is urging EU citizens who are residents of Bedford, and hold an EU passport, to make sure they are registered for the vote for the next local elections on 2nd May 2019.

Cllr Luigi Reale

Councillor for Castle Ward, Dr Luigi Reale said: “The fact is that, at the moment, many EU citizens, residing in Bedford Borough, are confused about whether they can vote locally, given the uncertainty that exists with Brexit, the settled status and any deals to the recognition of the same local right to vote. These are rights that have been acquired for years – for some this is decades – but now in question due to the current ongoing Brexit process.

“While there is no message to the contrary, then all EU citizens, registered to vote in Bedford, should assume that their right to vote in local elections is conserved, at least for the time being.”

To register to vote go to: