Esquires offers bursary to budding event organisers

Gareth Barber of Esquires
Gareth Barber owner of Esquires and Pad Presents.

Live music venue, Esquires, has announced that they have teamed up with Music Venue Trust and Red Stripe to offer a bursary scheme for budding event organisers.

Applications for the £700 bursary are invited from anyone over 16 with an idea for an event at the club. Guidance and advice will be given and the hope is that the pilot scheme can be replicated at venues throughout the country.

“It’s a project we’ve been trying to get off the ground for some time now and thanks to the collaboration with Music Venue Trust and Red Stripe has finally come to fruition,” said Esquires’ owner and Pad Presents promoter, Gareth Barber.  

“The plan is to encourage the next generation of promoters and offer them funding to get their ideas off the ground. From my own experience, if I’d have had this opportunity earlier in my career it would have made a huge difference.”

The deadline for applications for the first bursary is Friday 25 January.

“Entries can be anything you want, from music events to art installations, club nights, gaming events, exhibitions, talks – we’re excited to see what people come up with,” said Gareth.  “The bursary is for anyone who’s had a great idea, but might have doubted themselves. This is your chance to take a risk and bring your idea to life.”

Esquires by Neil McCarty
Photo credit: Neil McCarty

“We’re going to be filming the successful applicant’s journey which will be shared by Red Stripe and Music Venues Trust to encourage other venues to set up similar schemes.”

Here is how it works.

*£700 in funding is available for your event.
*Events can be be anything you choose, but must be commercially viable and not free entry events.
*Events must take place at Esquires.
*Event organisers must be 16+
*Guidance and help will given from the Esquires and Pad Presents team.

To apply, please send a covering letter outlining your idea and a little more about yourself. Please include full name, contact details and make sure the subject title is ESQUIRES BURSARY so it doesn’t get missed.

Applications to:

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