Embankment bulbs offered to Bedford community groups

Embankment spring planting

The floral displays on Bedford’s Embankment are always a spectacular sight, and community groups are being offered the chance to get their green fingers on this year’s discarded bulbs.

Each year, as the seasonal planting changes, Bedford Borough Council donates the bulbs to members of the public and community groups.

This year is no exception, and any groups interested in receiving some of the bulbs should contact env.services@bedford.gov.uk before Wednesday 5 June.

A Borough Council spokesperson said: “With this year’s change of the Embankment planting going into the summer, we are giving tulip bulbs away to local community groups and projects including the Abbey Fields Roundabout group, Green Man Garden, and a Great Denham Parish planting project.

“Each year’s tulip bulbs are not reused as this would require the flowers to be left in the ground for 4-6 weeks after flowering, which would not be in keeping with Bedford’s Embankment.”

“If you know of any groups or projects who would like some free tulip bulbs, please contact the Council at Env.Services@bedford.gov.uk”

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