Elstow wellbeing garden plea for donation of tools and plants

The overgrown garden in Elstow. Image: Terry Hayden
The overgrown garden in Elstow. Image: Terry Hayden

Elstow NHS worker Terry Hayden and his coworkers are on the lookout for donations and volunteers to revive a rundown garden for the community and local elderly.

Terry Hayden works as a Social Prescriber at Elstow GP Medical Centre which has a large, unkempt garden.

The area has a large population of elderly people, many of whom are isolated and looking for activities. 

“This garden has the ability to become a lovely place for locals to come and relax and has the potential to grow vegetables for the wider community,” explained Terry.

However, the area is very overgrown and has been neglected for several years. There are a number of raised beds and an overgrown lawn including three-foot-high grass, weeds and stinging nettles.

Terry’s aim is to create a safe space for people of all ages with plants, vegetables, trees and benches.

“There are already a few volunteers who are willing to help with this project and we have had interest from other patients who would like to get involved but the space is currently so overgrown that it needs the help of the wider Bedford community to thrive,” said Terry.

He is hoping that locals, businesses, garden centres and gardening companies might come and help them clear the garden to create a blank canvas for the volunteers to start planting, digging and maintaining a new “place of tranquillity”.

Terry is also asking for donations of plants, vegetables, trees, and all things in between as well as donations of tools and equipment as they currently have one spade. 

“We are appealing to local business and political leaders for support as well as those in the gardening business,” Terry told the Bedford Independent.

“Any offers of support, any donations of equipment, anything at all would be much appreciated.  

“And I am more than happy to include any organisations or companies’ logos, and details on any posters and advertising as a thank you.”

Deliveries of equipment or supplies can be delivered directly to Elstow Medical Centre in Terry Hayden’s name.

Terry said: “This project will benefit the community as a whole and the mental health and well-being of the local population.”

For anyone that wants to get involved there is a meeting at Elstow Medical Centre 10am – 12:30am every Wednesday.