‘Dosser Dorries’ signs appear as 75,000 people sign petition telling local MP to “shape up or ship out”

Dosser Dorries sign Flitwick. Image: @feralghoul1/Twitter
Dosser Dorries sign in Flitwick. Image: @feralghoul1/Twitter

People in Mid Bedfordshire have told their absent MP Nadine Dorries to “shape up or ship out” as signs calling her a ‘dosser’ have appear across her constituency.

It’s now over two months since the Boris Johnson loyalist said she was resigning as an MP (9 June), but she has yet to officially resign and has continued to take her £84,000 salary.

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Since then Ms Dorries has been urged to step aside by Flitwick Town Council and the Prime Minister, plus signs in Ampthill and Flitwick have appeared expressing her constituents’ dissatisfaction with her.

Now, at the time of publication, almost 75,000 people from Mid Bedfordshire and across Britain have signed a 38 Degrees petition urging her to “shape up or ship out”, by either representing her constituents properly or honouring her promise to stand down.

You can read more about the 38 Degrees petition at their website.

Dosser Dorries sign on Bedford Street, Ampthill.
Dosser Dorries sign on Bedford Street, Ampthill. Image: Ampthill.Info/Facebook

Hundreds of Ms Dorries’ constituents have also expressed their anger by adding to the petition a direct message to the MP, who has not spoken in Parliament for over a year (7 July 2022).

Fran Rolfe said, “Nadine – you really need to step aside now… People’s lives are at stake here and you are just career-minded. Stop ‘Beds-Blocking’ and move aside! We want a by-election immediately.”

Another, Sally Russell, added, “A key role of an MP should be to help local constituents have a voice, whether in local services or nationally on issues they are concerned about. You are not serving your constituents and haven’t done so for a long time.”

Della Jackson believes Ms Dorries is more interested in her own success than that of her constituents, “you are more concerned about having a peerage than doing your job.

“If you had done a good job to start with, no one would question rewarding you for it, but as far as I am concerned you are absent from your duties as my MP.”

Meanwhile, Bryony Reynolds, said: “Dear Nadine, I am aware that you do not live in our constituency, preferring to reside in Gloucestershire, and as such, have shown little regard for the thoughts and concerns of your constituents.

“The fact that you have neglected to [speak in] Parliament for the last 12 months shows a complete disregard for all of your constituents, and I would urge you to stand down with immediate effect.”

And Richard George believes Ms Dorries is making a mockery of our political system. “You have not spoken in Parliament, held a constituency surgery or even answered emails from your constituents for ages,” he said.

“This is not good enough and we deserve better. I cannot think of another job where you can fail to show up for over a year but continue in the post on full pay.

“You have brought yourself, your party and politics in general into disrepute.

“Please go now so that we, your constituents, have the chance to elect someone, anyone, who might actually care about them rather than simply lining their own pockets for minimal effort.”

Nadine Dorries MP Image: TalkTV
Nadine Dorries MP Image: TalkTV

Veronica Hawking, Head of Campaigns at 38 Degrees, said the comments send a powerful message to all MPs who fail to carry out the promise to work hard for their constituents upon election.

“Each one of the messages we’re sharing comes from a Mid Bedfordshire resident who has been denied their right to democratic representation by Ms Dorries’ disrespectful dereliction of duty.

“If she cares more about newspaper columns and TV appearances than standing up for these constituents, the very least she can do is step aside for someone who will give them the representation they deserve – or step up and start doing the job they elected her to do.”

Change of the rules

Another petition hosted on the Governments own petition website has been started asking for a change of the rules that govern absent MPs.

The petition entitled ‘Make MPs who are absent from their constituency and Parliament subject to recall’ has gathered almost 7,000 signatures so far.

If it reaches 10,000 signatures by its deadline in January next year, the government will respond. If it reaches 100,000 signatures, it will be considered for debate.

Elinor Gazzard, who created the petition said: “There are reports of MPs taking holidays or otherwise choosing to be absent when the House is sitting.

“If MPs are absent from their constituency and Parliament for 10 sitting days, we believe they are failing to provide their constituency with the representation the taxpayer is paying for.

“In this situation, a recall petition should be opened so the constituency can decide whether to recall them.”

You can read more about the petition to change recall rules at parliament.uk.

We contacted Nadine Dorries for a comment but she did not respond.

To date, neither Ms Dorries nor anyone from her office has ever responded to a media enquiry on behalf of her constituents from the Bedford Independent.