Donations of jigsaws, games or craft items wanted for the Community Hub ‘Active Minds’ scheme

board games

Bedfordians are asked to dig out their unwanted or forgotten books, DVDs, jigsaws, board games or craft items to donate to the local community.

Your donations are needed to help people stay busy and keep their minds active as lockdown continues.

Bedford Borough Council’s Community Hub have a team of volunteers who will collect any donations and then redistribute these items to those in need.

All donations will be sanitised and prepared, to prevent any risk of infection, before being sent out to a new home. To make a donation complete an e-form at

Please only donate items that are complete, undamaged, clean and in good condition – things you would be happy to receive yourself.

Currently, the team are accepting:

  • Books (children’s and adults)
  • DVDs (children’s and adults)
  • Jigsaws (children’s and adults)
  • Board Games
  • Small home craft items (e.g. colouring books, crochet sets)

Unfortunately they cannot accept large items – if it doesn’t fit in a carrier bag then unfortunately it is too big.

Once items become available, the Community Hub will donate them to those in need. The Hub will arrange for them to be dropped off so that recipients don’t need to leave their home.

If you or someone you know would benefit from receiving one of the Active Minds donations, once they are available, please get in touch with Hub. You will be able to request a donation online at or if you are unable to you can call on 01234 718101.

Mayor of Bedford Borough Dave Hodgson said, “While staying at home to tackle this pandemic it’s important to look after your mind as well as your body.

“Whether you’re an individual in the shielded group or a family self-isolating we’ve set up ‘Active Minds’ to provide a new home for unwanted items like jigsaws and board games.

“To begin with, we are asking people to get in touch with donations so the team can get them sanitised and prepared. Then we can start getting them out to new homes to keep people busy while social distancing continues.”

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