DJs join YMCA Beds to host virtual party raising funds for local victims of domestic abuse

MiCasa SuCasa

YMCA Bedfordshire has partnered with DJs and promoters MiCasa SuCasa to host a virtual party this Thursday, raising vital funds for domestic abuse victims.

With the coronavirus lockdown continuing, the rise in cases of domestic violence is increasing at a concerning rate across the UK.

A recent report by MPs states that calls to domestic abuse helplines has risen by 49% as victims are forced to endure longer periods of time each day with their perpetrators.

It‘s this news that led Bedfordshire-based Alistair Bennett to contact YMCA Bedfordshire to help raise £1,000 for local victims of abuse.

“Music is a passion,” said Alistair. “In 2018, along with partners Ben Walker and Graham Woodend (Woody) we established MiCasa SuCasa to bring memorable dance music experiences to the region, as well as give back to charities and good causes.”

“We regularly hold dance events that feature some of the best DJs and performers around. With our first birthday in April, we, like others have had to go online, although this has brought great opportunity to get to know new audiences.

“At the same time, we wanted to try and use the event to help support victims of abuse get the help and support they need, as well as support key workers through our other collaborations.

“To this end we quickly realised that raising funds for YMCA Bedfordshire was the way to go.”

“During lockdown we are hearing of incredibly sad stories of abuse and even death with 16 fatalities reported nationally in the first three weeks alone,” said Justine Humphrey, resettlement manager at YMCA Bedfordshire.

“At this time more than ever we need to support those men, women and children who are stuck in abusive situations and so we were really delighted to be approached by Alistair to help us raised much needed funds to undertake this support.”

The event, which is free, is taking place this Thursday 30 April from 8:10pm till midnight and will feature DJs from the UK and South Africa.

It is being streamed online to

“We’d love as many folks as possible to log into the event this Thurday after having clapped for frontline workers like our staff,” said Paul Kellett, marketing and partnership manager, YMCA Bedfordshire.

“The opportunity to party and support our services without leaving the house, what could be better on a Thursday night.”

Full event and JustGiving details can be found below

Or on the YMCA Bedfordshire Facebook Page @ymcabeds

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