Date announced for reopening of Bromham Road bridge

Bromham Road bridge
In May 2019 it was announced that Bromham Road bridge would close for a year from June.

It’s the news Bedford has been waiting for: Bromham Road bridge will reopen to motorists on Tuesday 9 June.

Network Rail made the announcement this morning, ending a year of misery for commuters. The bridge has been closed since June 2019 to allow major improvement work to take place as part of the Midland Main Line Upgrade.

Network Rail undertook the major project to demolish and rebuild the structure at a raised height to provide a safe distance for newly installed overhead line equipment to pass beneath the structure.

This work will enable the line from London to Kettering and Corby via Bedford to be electrified as part of a £1.5billion project to improve the railway.

From Tuesday 9 June, the pavements on both sides of the bridge will also open.

Although the majority of the work to the bridge is now complete, there is still a small amount of work, such as removing a temporary scaffold bridge and final utilities work, left to complete.

Some of this work is planned to take place overnight in July, meaning there may be further overnight road closures.

During this time, a clearly signposted diversionary route for motorists and cyclists will be in place and pedestrian access will be maintained. Spencer Road will remain closed until August to allow final work to the embankment to take place.

The Midland Main Line Upgrade is the biggest investment into the line since its construction in the Victorian era.

Gavin Crook, Principal Programme Sponsor for Network Rail, said, “The work at Bromham Road bridge is a key part of the Midland Main Line Upgrade, which is a major project which will bring significant benefits for passengers.

“We know that this work has caused some disruption for those living in the area, so we are delighted to be able to announce the reopening of the bridge for motorists.

There is still some work left to complete and we will work hard to keep the impact of this work to a minimum. We’d like to thank residents for their continued patience whilst we carry out the final stages of work to the bridge.”

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