Dancers from Bedford selected to perform with English Youth Ballet

English Youth Ballet
Back line – Tilly Sanders, Lily Robertson, Sophie Vinnicombe, Isabel Baker, Sophia Strickland, Eve Morrish Front line – Alyssia Power, Lily Gibson, Rachel Forbes-Laird

Nine talented dancers from Bedford have been selected by English Youth Ballet (EYB) to perform in a professional production at the Stamford Corn Exchange Theatre.

The dancers took part in an audition in June, where sixty performers were chosen. All of the dancers are currently rehearsing for the performance of Double Bill (featuring Aurora’s Wedding and Ballet Études) which take place from 23 – 25 October.

To prepare for the shows, the dancers are being coached by Oliver Speers who previously danced with the Royal Ballet Company and Ballet Capitole Toulouse.

He said, “The young dancers are treated like professional dancers during rehearsals – we work them hard but the results are fantastic!

“They learn what the life of a professional dancer is like. They are living their dream and they just love it.”


English Youth Ballet
Oliver Speers

Among the dancers is Lily Gibson, aged 9 who is a pupil at Castle Newham School and dances at Bedford Academy of Dance.

Lily said, “I started ballet when I was 3 years old.  I tried a ballet class and loved it and have been going ever since.

“At EYB, I have met some really good friends who love ballet like I do.  It’s great because you get to dance with professional principal dancers.

“When I’m older I’d like to continue with ballet and perform in more EYB shows.”

Alyssia Power, also aged 9, goes to Bedford Modern School and is training at the Power Academy of Dance.

“I was two when I started dancing,” said Alyssia.  “My Mum is a dance teacher and I always wanted to dance like she could. Plus it’s great fun.

“The teachers at EYB push us to learn new techniques and we have the opportunity to perform in a professional production at a theatre.

“I’m going to keep auditioning for different productions or opportunities, especially the English Youth Ballet. I’d love to dance like the older students!”

Good luck to all dancers taking part.

You can find out more information about the production and book tickets here.

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