Creative collaboration by Bedford film-maker and illustrator on new Wah Wah Club video


A Bedford-based film-maker and illustrator have collaborated on a five-month project to create an animated music video for local band, Wah Wah Club.

Black Rainbow is a gothic fantasy that narrates singer Daniel Buckland’s journey through addiction and depression.

Filmed and produced by Ru Cook at Lost Boys Studio in Cranfield, the video combines Sarah Harrison Illustration‘s hand-painted backdrops with green screen footage, placed into animated worlds in a style dubbed ‘nouveau collage’ by the pair.
The sets are built with a puppet theatre aesthetic in mind, with moody futuristic spotlights casting gothic shadows for the Black Rainbow’s overall feeling of technicoloured darkness.
The viewer is taken on a journey through multiple dimensions, in a single continuous camera move from start to finish.
“This is the first time we have worked together on a project of this scale,” said illustrator, Sarah.
“We bought together Ru’s filmmaking knowledge with my illustrating, and set about creating Black Rainbow, mixing live green-screening at Lost Boys Studio with hand-made drawings and some special 3D computer sauce.
“We made the video together over five months working side-by-side and amazingly we are still talking to each other.

“In the final week, we had four separate Macs running simultaneously, in order to push out the finished animation by the deadline.”

Watch out for the abandoned city of Milton Keynes menaced by colossal mutant ivy, experience the band fight oversized carnivorous plants, hitch rides with flying eyeballs & journey to inner and outer space on giant insects.

Wah Wah Club hail from Milton Keynes – an apocalyptic burning version of which, features in the video.

Their sound sees influences from Queens of the Stone Age, through to Nirvana, Placebo & The Killers. Their latest release Black Rainbow was originally written as a love song but took a dark turn reflecting a troubled time in the band’s life.

It narrates singer Daniel Buckland’s journey through drug addiction & rehab. The Black Rainbow of the title eludes to the ever present enslavement of craving, that can’t quite be shaken off and follows wherever he goes.

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