Cranfield University student shortlisted for Masters Student of the Year Award


A Cranfield University student has been shortlisted for the Masters Student of the Year Awards 2021.

Rosie Crawford, who is in the final weeks of her Forensic Archaeology and Anthropology MSc, is one of seven shortlisted candidates.

Over 270 students were nominated for the awards run by and, which take place on 7 June.

The award recognises “the hard work, dedication and commitment of exemplary postgraduate students.”

The prize is £500 which will no doubt boost any winning students’ coffers.

Rosie entered the awards with her friends because they “thought it would be fun to nominate each other.”

However, she was surprised by her own success as she thought her friend would be shortlisted.

Rosie said: “I didn’t think I would [be shortlisted] at all. When I saw on Twitter that they had released the shortlist, I checked, expecting to see her name.

“To see my name on there was very surreal and not expected at all.”

It hasn’t really sunk in yet for Rosie who added: “I’m not letting myself get excited because I don’t expect to win.

”Being shortlisted from so many nominations is already an achievement.”

Cranfield course leader Dr Nicholas Márquez-Grant said: “We are so pleased that Rosie has been shortlisted for this award. It is a privilege to have her on our course.”

Rosie, who was previously an undergraduate at Oxford University, is also a keen vlogger.

She creates youtube videos to help prospective students with applications and find out more about daily university life.

During lockdown one she took part in cross-university initiative, The StudyTube Project.  This involved uploading daily videos about her subject to help home-schooled children.

“It is admirable how she is able to manage being a great student and creating all these videos and inspiring people, all the while with a smile on her face.

“We feel sure that the communications she has been creating will “continue to help our students in years to come,” added Dr Nicholas Márquez-Grant.

A full list of this year’s nominees can be found A full list of shortlisted nominees can be found on their website here.

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