Covid infection rates remain “pretty low” in adult care sector, says council


While the impact of Covid on individuals has reduced, care providers across Bedford borough are still taking the “right approach” when an infection is reported, a meeting heard.

Bedford Borough Council’s director of adults’ services, Kate Walker, gave a Covid update to the Adult Services Overview and Scrutiny Committee yesterday (Tuesday 21 February).

“I’m pleased to report that the [Covid] improvements have continued and the vaccination program has continued to help our local residents,” she said

“So the figures for Covid infection rates remain pretty low in the care sector, but we have seen some fluctuations recently.

“But as of 17 February, there was one provider reporting an outbreak involving nine residents which was up from the week before, and three staff.

“We do know that there are outbreaks still happening, but the severity is less on the individuals,” she said.

“We do still have some extremely vulnerable people, and there is an effect on our adult social care services when there is an outbreak.

“Staff do have to be isolated, people are still poorly and can’t come to work.

“If somebody comes in and they are infected and we don’t take the right approach, which I’m pleased to say providers do, then the outbreak will continue and will spread across the service.

“And staffing levels will become dangerously [low] and we won’t be able to continue providing services.

“So we still take it very seriously, even though the impact on the actual infection, and thankfully hospitalisation, has reduced.

“Taking action and following the guidance is still absolutely necessary,” she said.

by John Guinn
Local Democracy Reporter